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Klechneva, T. and Carasco, C. and Goussev, I. and Hauger, M. and Jourdan, J. and Krusche, B. and Muhry, H. and Normand, C. and Rohe, D. and Seliverstov, D. and Sick, I. and Testa, G. and Warren, G. and Wohrle, H. and Zeier, M.. (2006) Vector and tensor analyzing powers of the ¹H (d⃗,γ)³He capture reaction. Physical review. C, Nuclear physics, Vol. 73, H. 3 , 034005, 11 S..


Warren, G. and Wesselmann, F. and Zhu, H. and McKee, P. and Savvinov, N. and Zeier, M. and Aghalaryan, A. and Ahmidouch, A. and Arenhovel, H. and Asaturyan, R. and Ben-Dayan, I. and Bloch, F. and Boeglin, W. and Boillat, B. and Breuer, H. and Brower, J. and Carasco, C. and Carl, M. and Carlini, R. and Cha, J. and Chant, N. and Christy, E. and Cole, L. and Coman, L. and Coman, M. and Crabb, D. and Danagoulian, S. and Day, D. and Duek, K. and Dunne, J. and Elaasar, M. and Ent, R. and Farrell, J. and Fatemi, R. and Fawcett, D. and Fenker, H. and Forest, T. and Garrow, K. and Gasparian, A. and Goussev, I. and Gueye, P. and Harvey, M. and Hauger, M. and Herrera, R. and Hu, B. and Jaegle, I. and Jones, M. and Jourdan, J. and Keith, C. and Kelly, J. and Keppel, C. and Khandaker, M. and Klein, A. and Klimenko, A. and Kramer, L. and Krusche, B. and Kuhn, S. and Liang, Y. and Lichtenstadt, J. and Lindgren, R. and Liu, J. and Lung, A. and Mack, D. and Maclachlan, G. and Markowitz, P. and McNulty, D. and Meekins, D. and Mitchell, J. and Mkrtchyan, H. and Nasseripour, R. and Niculescu, I. and Normand, K. and Norum, B. and Opper, A. and Piasetzky, E. and Pierce, J. and Pitt, M. and Prok, Y. and Raue, B. and Reinhold, J. and Roche, J. and Rohe, D. and Rondon, O. and Sacker, D. and Sawatzky, B. and Seely, M. and Sick, I. and Simicevic, N. and Smith, C. and Smith, G. and Steinacher, M. and Stepanyan, S. and Stout, J. and Tadevosyan, V. and Tajima, S. and Tang, L. and Testa, G. and Trojer, R. and Vlahovic, B. and Vulcan, B. and Wang, K. and Wells, S. and Woehrle, H. and Wood, S. and Yan, C. and Yanay, Y. and Yuan, L. and Yun, J. and Zihlmann, B.. (2004) Measurement of the electric form factor of the neutron at Q²=0.5 and 1.0 GeV²/c². Physical review letters, Vol. 92, H. 4 , 042301, 5 S..


Bermuth, J. and Merle, P. and Carasco, C. and Baumann, D. and Bohm, R. and Bosnar, D. and Ding, M. and Distler, M. O. and Friedrich, J. and Friedrich, J. M. and Golak, J. and Glockle, W. and Hauger, M. and Heil, W. and Jennewein, P. and Jourdan, J. and Kamada, H. and Klein, A. and Kohl, M. and Krusche, B. and Krygier, K. W. and Merkel, H. and Muller, U. and Neuhausen, R. and Nogga, A. and Normand, C. and Otten, E. and Pospischil, T. and Potokar, M. and Rohe, D. and Schmieden, H. and Schmiedeskamp, J. and Seimetz, M. and Sick, I. and Sirca, S. and Skibinski, R. and Testa, G. and Walcher, T. and Warren, G. and Weis, M. and Witala, H. and Wohrle, H. and Zeier, M.. (2003) The neutron charge form factor and target analyzing powers from (³He)over-right-arrow((e)over-right-arrow, eʹn) scattering. Physics letters. B, Vol. 564, H. 3-4. pp. 199-204.

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