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Schwantes-An, T. H. and Zhang, J. and Chen, L. S. and Hartz, S. M. and Culverhouse, R. C. and Chen, X. and Coon, H. and Frank, J. and Kamens, H. M. and Konte, B. and Kovanen, L. and Latvala, A. and Legrand, L. N. and Maher, B. S. and Melroy, W. E. and Nelson, E. C. and Reid, M. W. and Robinson, J. D. and Shen, P. H. and Yang, B. Z. and Andrews, J. A. and Aveyard, P. and Beltcheva, O. and Brown, S. A. and Cannon, D. S. and Cichon, S. and Corley, R. P. and Dahmen, N. and Degenhardt, L. and Foroud, T. and Gaebel, W. and Giegling, I. and Glatt, S. J. and Grucza, R. A. and Hardin, J. and Hartmann, A. M. and Heath, A. C. and Herms, S. and Hodgkinson, C. A. and Hoffmann, P. and Hops, H. and Huizinga, D. and Ising, M. and Johnson, E. O. and Johnstone, E. and Kaneva, R. P. and Kendler, K. S. and Kiefer, F. and Kranzler, H. R. and Krauter, K. S. and Levran, O. and Lucae, S. and Lynskey, M. T. and Maier, W. and Mann, K. and Martin, N. G. and Mattheisen, M. and Montgomery, G. W. and Muller-Myhsok, B. and Murphy, M. F. and Neale, M. C. and Nikolov, M. A. and Nishita, D. and Nothen, M. M. and Nurnberger, J. and Partonen, T. and Pergadia, M. L. and Reynolds, M. and Ridinger, M. and Rose, R. J. and Rouvinen-Lagerstrom, N. and Scherbaum, N. and Schmal, C. and Soyka, M. and Stallings, M. C. and Steffens, M. and Treutlein, J. and Tsuang, M. and Wall, T. L. and Wodarz, N. and Yuferov, V. and Zill, P. and Bergen, A. W. and Chen, J. and Cinciripini, P. M. and Edenberg, H. J. and Ehringer, M. A. and Ferrell, R. E. and Gelernter, J. and Goldman, D. and Hewitt, J. K. and Hopfer, C. J. and Iacono, W. G. and Kaprio, J. and Kreek, M. J. and Kremensky, I. M. and Madden, P. A. and McGue, M. and Munafo, M. R. and Philibert, R. A. and Rietschel, M. and Roy, A. and Rujescu, D. and Saarikoski, S. T. and Swan, G. E. and Todorov, A. A. and Vanyukov, M. M. and Weiss, R. B. and Bierut, L. J. and Saccone, N. L.. (2016) Association of the OPRM1 Variant rs1799971 (A118G) with Non-Specific Liability to Substance Dependence in a Collaborative de novo Meta-Analysis of European-Ancestry Cohorts. Behavior Genetics, 46 (2). pp. 151-169.


Lee, S. H. and Byrne, E. M. and Hultman, C. M. and Kahler, A. and Vinkhuyzen, A. A. and Ripke, S. and Andreassen, O. A. and Frisell, T. and Gusev, A. and Hu, X. and Karlsson, R. and Mantzioris, V. X. and McGrath, J. J. and Mehta, D. and Stahl, E. A. and Zhao, Q. and Kendler, K. S. and Sullivan, P. F. and Price, A. L. and O'Donovan, M. and Okada, Y. and Mowry, B. J. and Raychaudhuri, S. and Wray, N. R. and Schizophrenia Working Group of the Psychiatric Genomics, Consortium and Rheumatoid Arthritis Consortium, International and Schizophrenia Working Group of the Psychiatric Genomics Consorti, Authors and Byerley, W. and Cahn, W. and Cantor, R. M. and Cichon, S. and Cormican, P. and Curtis, D. and Djurovic, S. and Escott-Price, V. and Gejman, P. V. and Georgieva, L. and Giegling, I. and Hansen, T. F. and Ingason, A. and Kim, Y. and Konte, B. and Lee, P. H. and McIntosh, A. and McQuillin, A. and Morris, D. W. and Nothen, M. M. and O'Dushlaine, C. and Olincy, A. and Olsen, L. and Pato, C. N. and Pato, M. T. and Pickard, B. S. and Posthuma, D. and Rasmussen, H. B. and Rietschel, M. and Rujescu, D. and Schulze, T. G. and Silverman, J. M. and Thirumalai, S. and Werge, T. and Agartz, I. and Amin, F. and Azevedo, M. H. and Bass, N. and Black, D. W. and Blackwood, D. H. and Bruggeman, R. and Buccola, N. G. and Choudhury, K. and Cloninger, R. C. and Corvin, A. and Craddock, N. and Daly, M. J. and Datta, S. and Donohoe, G. J. and Duan, J. and Dudbridge, F. and Fanous, A. and Freedman, R. and Freimer, N. B. and Friedl, M. and Gill, M. and Gurling, H. and De Haan, L. and Hamshere, M. L. and Hartmann, A. M. and Holmans, P. A. and Kahn, R. S. and Keller, M. C. and Kenny, E. and Kirov, G. K. and Krabbendam, L. and Krasucki, R. and Lawrence, J. and Lencz, T. and Levinson, D. F. and Lieberman, J. A. and Lin, D. Y. and Linszen, D. H. and Magnusson, P. K. and Maier, W. and Malhotra, A. K. and Mattheisen, M. and Mattingsdal, M. and McCarroll, S. A. and Medeiros, H. and Melle, I. and Milanova, V. and Myin-Germeys, I. and Neale, B. M. and Ophoff, R. A. and Owen, M. J. and Pimm, J. and Purcell, S. M. and Puri, V. and Quested, D. J. and Rossin, L. and Ruderfer, D. and Sanders, A. R. and Shi, J. and Sklar, P. and St Clair, D. and Stroup, T. S. and Van Os, J. and Visscher, P. M. and Wiersma, D. and Zammit, S. and Rheumatoid Arthritis Consortium International, Authors and Bridges, S. L. and Jr., and Choi, H. K. and Coenen, M. J. and de Vries, N. and Dieud, P. and Greenberg, J. D. and Huizinga, T. W. and Padyukov, L. and Siminovitch, K. A. and Tak, P. P. and Worthington, J. and De Jager, P. L. and Denny, J. C. and Gregersen, P. K. and Klareskog, L. and Mariette, X. and Plenge, R. M. and van Laar, M. and van Riel, P.. (2015) New data and an old puzzle: the negative association between schizophrenia and rheumatoid arthritis. Int J Epidemiol, 44 (5). pp. 1706-1721.

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