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Piquero-Zulaica, Ignacio and Abd El-Fattah, Zakaria M. and Popova, Olha and Kewai, Shigeki and Nowakowska, Sylwia and Matena, Manfred and Enache, Mihaela and Stohr, Meike and Tejeda, Antonio and Taleb, Amina and Meyer, Ernst and Enrique Ortega, J. and Gade, Lutz H. and Jung, Thomas A. and Lobo-Checa, Jorge. (2019) Effective determination of surface potential landscapes from metal-organic nanoporous network overlayers. NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS, 21. UNSP053004.


Enache, Mihaela and Maggini, Laura and Llanes-Pallas, Anna and Jung, Thomas A. and Bonifazi, Davide and Stohr, Meike. (2014) Coverage-Dependent Disorder-to-Order Phase Transformation of a Uracil Derivative on Ag(111). The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 118 (28). pp. 15286-15291.


Iacovita, Cristian and Fesser, Petra and Vijayaraghavan, Saranyan and Enache, Mihaela and Stöhr, Meike and Diederich, François and Jung, Thomas A.. (2012) Controlling the Dimensionality and Structure of Supramolecular Porphyrin Assemblies by their Functional Substituents: Dimers, Chains, and Close-Packed 2D Assemblies. Chemistry - A European Journal, 18 (46). pp. 14610-14613.


Matena, Manfred and Stoehr, Meike and Riehm, Till and Bjoerk, Jonas and Martens, Susanne and Dyer, Matthew S. and Persson, Mats and Lobo-Checa, Jorge and Mueller, Kathrin and Enache, Mihaela and Wadepohl, Hubert and Zegenhagen, Joerg and Jung, Thomas A. and Gade, Lutz H.. (2010) Aggregation and Contingent Metal/Surface Reactivity of 1,3,8,10-Tetraazaperopyrene (TAPP) on Cu(111). Chemistry, a European journal, 16 (7). pp. 2079-2091.

Bjork, Jonas and Matena, Manfred and Dyer, Matthew S. and Enache, Mihaela and Lobo-Checa, Jorge and Gade, Lutz H. and Jung, Thomas A. and Stohr, Meike and Persson, Mats. (2010) STM fingerprint of molecule-adatom interactions in a self-assembled metal-organic surface coordination network on Cu(111). Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics, 12 (31). pp. 8815-8821.

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