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Kuhle, J. and Disanto, G. and Dobson, R. and Adiutori, R. and Bianchi, L. and Topping, J. and Bestwick, J. P. and Meier, U. C. and Marta, M. and Dalla Costa, G. and Runia, T. and Evdoshenko, E. and Lazareva, N. and Thouvenot, E. and Iaffaldano, P. and Direnzo, V. and Khademi, M. and Piehl, F. and Comabella, M. and Sombekke, M. and Killestein, J. and Hegen, H. and Rauch, S. and D'Alfonso, S. and Alvarez-Cermeno, J. C. and Kleinova, P. and Horakova, D. and Roesler, R. and Lauda, F. and Llufriu, S. and Avsar, T. and Uygunoglu, U. and Altintas, A. and Saip, S. and Menge, T. and Rajda, C. and Bergamaschi, R. and Moll, N. and Khalil, M. and Marignier, R. and Dujmovic, I. and Larsson, H. and Malmestrom, C. and Scarpini, E. and Fenoglio, C. and Wergeland, S. and Laroni, A. and Annibali, V. and Romano, S. and Martinez, A. D. and Carra, A. and Salvetti, M. and Uccelli, A. and Torkildsen, O. and Myhr, K. M. and Galimberti, D. and Rejdak, K. and Lycke, J. and Frederiksen, J. L. and Drulovic, J. and Confavreux, C. and Brassat, D. and Enzinger, C. and Fuchs, S. and Bosca, I. and Pelletier, J. and Picard, C. and Colombo, E. and Franciotta, D. and Derfuss, T. and Lindberg, R. and Yaldizli, O. and Vecsei, L. and Kieseier, B. C. and Hartung, H. P. and Villoslada, P. and Siva, A. and Saiz, A. and Tumani, H. and Havrdova, E. and Villar, L. M. and Leone, M. and Barizzone, N. and Deisenhammer, F. and Teunissen, C. and Montalban, X. and Tintore, M. and Olsson, T. and Trojano, M. and Lehmann, S. and Castelnovo, G. and Lapin, S. and Hintzen, R. and Kappos, L. and Furlan, R. and Martinelli, V. and Comi, G. and Ramagopalan, S. V. and Giovannoni, G.. (2015) Conversion from clinically isolated syndrome to multiple sclerosis: A large multicentre study. Multiple Sclerosis Journal, 21 (8). pp. 1013-1024.


Hegen, H. and Millonig, A. and Bertolotto, A. and Comabella, M. and Giovanonni, G. and Guger, M. and Hoelzl, M. and Khalil, M. and Killestein, J. and Lindberg, R. and Malucchi, S. and Mehling, M. and Montalban, X. and Polman, C. and Rudzki, D. and Schautzer, F. and Sellebjerg, F. and Sorensen, P. and Deisenhammer, F.. (2014) Early detection of neutralizing antibodies to interferon-beta in multiple sclerosis patients: binding antibodies predict neutralizing antibody development. Multiple sclerosis, Vol. 20, H. 5. pp. 577-587.


Preiningerova, J. L. and Baumhackl, U. and Csepany, T. and Czaplinski, A. and Deisenhammer, F. and Derfuss, T. and Fabjan, T. H. and Fazekas, F. and Fuchs, S. and Havrdova, E. and Ledinek, A. H. and Illes, Z. and Jazbec, S. S. and Klimova, E. and Komoly, S. and Kurca, E. and Linnebank, M. and Lisy, L. and Mares, J. and Prochazkova, L. and Csilla, R. and Szilasiova, J. and Stourac, P. and Talab, R. and Turcani, P. and Vachova, M. and Vecsei, L. and Vodusek, D. and Zapletalova, O. and Berger, T.. (2013) Recommendations for the use of prolonged-release fampridine in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). CNS neuroscience & therapeutics, Vol. 19, H. 5. pp. 302-306.


Farrell, R. and Bendtzen, K. and Bertolotto, A. and Clark, B. and Comabella, M. and Deisenhammer, F. and Fogdell-Hahn, A. and Giovannoni, G. and Hartung, H. P. and Hemmer, B. and Hillert, J. and Kappos, L. and Killestein, J. and Lindberg, R. and Montalban, X. and Polman, C. and Sorensen, P. S. and European, Nabinms Consortium. (2008) Re: Neutralizing antibodies to interferon beta-1b are not associated with disease worsening in multiple sclerosis. Journal of international medical research, Vol. 36, H. 1 , S. 204-208 ; author reply 208-210.

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