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Brezinsek, S. and Coenen, J. W. and Schwarz-Selinger, T. and Schmid, K. and Kirschner, A. and Hakola, A. and Tabares, F. L. and van der Meiden, H. J. and Mayoral, M. -L. and Reinhart, M. and Tsitrone, E. and Ahlgren, T. and Aints, M. and Airila, M. and Almaviva, S. and Alves, E. and Angot, T. and Anita, V. and Arredondo Parra, R. and Aumayr, F. and Balden, M. and Bauer, J. and Ben Yaala, M. and Berger, B. M. and Bisson, R. and Björkas, C. and Bogdanovic Radovic, I. and Borodin, D. and Bucalossi, J. and Butikova, J. and Butoi, B. and v Cadev z, I. and Caniello, R. and Caneve, L. and Cartry, G. and Catarino, N. and v Cekada, M. and Ciraolo, G. and Ciupinski, L. and Colao, F. and Corre, Y. and Costin, C. and Craciunescu, T. and Cremona, A. and De Angeli, M. and de Castro, A. and Dejarnac, R. and Dellasega, D. and Dinca, P. and Dittmar, T. and Dobrea, C. and Hansen, P. and Drenik, A. and Eich, T. and Elgeti, S. and Falie, D. and Fedorczak, N. and Ferro, Y. and Fornal, T. and Fortuna-Zalesna, E. and Gao, L. and Gasior, P. and Gherendi, M. and Ghezzi, F. and Gosar, v z. and Greuner, H. and Grigore, E. and Grisolia, C. and Groth, M. and Gruca, M. and Grzonka, J. and Gunn, J. P. and Hassouni, K. and Heinola, K. and Höschen, T. and Huber, S. and Jacob, W. and Jepu, I. and Jiang, X. and Jogi, I. and Kaiser, A. and Karhunen, J. and Kelemen, M. and Köppen, M. and Koslowski, H. R. and Kreter, A. and Kubkowska, M. and Laan, M. and Laguardia, L. and Lahtinen, A. and Lasa, A. and Lazic, V. and Lemahieu, N. and Likonen, J. and Linke, J. and Litnovsky, A. and Linsmeier, relax Ch. and Loewenhoff, T. and Lungu, C. and Lungu, M. and Maddaluno, G. and Maier, H. and Makkonen, T. and Manhard, A. and Marandet, Y. and Markelj, S. and Marot, L. and Martin, C. and Martin-Rojo, A. B. and Martynova, Y. and Mateus, R. and Matveev, D. and Mayer, M. and Meisl, G. and Mellet, N. and Michau, A. and Miettunen, J. and Möller, S. and Morgan, T. W. and Mougenot, J. and Mozetiv c, M. and Nemaniv c, V. and Neu, R. and Nordlund, K. and Oberkofler, M. and Oyarzabal, E. and Panjan, M. and Pardanaud, C. and Paris, P. and Passoni, M. and Pegourie, B. and Pelicon, P. and Petersson, P. and Piip, K. and Pintsuk, G. and Pompilian, G. O. and Popa, G. and Porosnicu, C. and Primc, G. and Probst, M. and Räisänen, J. and Rasinski, M. and Ratynskaia, S. and Reiser, D. and Ricci, D. and Richou, M. and Riesch, J. and Riva, G. and Rosinski, M. and Roubin, P. and Rubel, M. and Ruset, C. and Safi, E. and Sergienko, G. and Siketic, Z. and Sima, A. and Spilker, B. and Stadlmayr, R. and Steudel, I. and Ström, P. and Tadic, T. and Tafalla, D. and Tale, I. and Terentyev, D. and Terra, A. and Tiron, V. and Tiseanu, I. and Tolias, P. and Tskhakaya, D. and Uccello, A. and Unterberg, B. and Uytdenhoven, I. and Vassallo, E. and Vavpetiv c, P. and Veis, P. and Velicu, I. L. and Vernimmen, J. W. M. and Voitkans, A. and von Toussaint, U. and Weckmann, A. and Wirtz, M. and Zalov znik, A. and Zaplotnik, R. and PFC contributors, W. P.. (2017) Plasma-wall interaction studies within the EUROfusion consortium: progress on plasma-facing components development and qualification. Nuclear Fusion, 57 (11). p. 116041.

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