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Kocher, Arthur and Papac, Luka and Barquera, Rodrigo and Key Felix, M. and Spyrou Maria, A. and Hübler, Ron and Rohrlach Adam, B. and Aron, Franziska and Stahl, Raphaela and Wissgott, Antje and van Bömmel, Florian and Pfefferkorn, Maria and Mittnik, Alissa and Villalba-Mouco, Vanessa and Neumann Gunnar, U. and Rivollat, Maïté and van de Loosdrecht Marieke, S. and Majander, Kerttu and Tukhbatova Rezeda, I. and Musralina, Lyazzat and Ghalichi, Ayshin and Penske, Sandra and Sabin, Susanna and Michel, Megan and Gretzinger, Joscha and Nelson Elizabeth, A. and Ferraz, Tiago and Nägele, Kathrin and Parker, Cody and Keller, Marcel and Guevara Evelyn, K. and Feldman, Michal and Eisenmann, Stefanie and Skourtanioti, Eirini and Giffin, Karen and Gnecchi-Ruscone Guido, Alberto and Friederich, Susanne and Schimmenti, Vittoria and Khartanovich, Valery and Karapetian Marina, K. and Chaplygin Mikhail, S. and Kufterin Vladimir, V. and Khokhlov Aleksandr, A. and Chizhevsky Andrey, A. and Stashenkov Dmitry, A. and Kochkina Anna, F. and Tejedor-Rodríguez, Cristina and de Lagrán Íñigo, García-Martínez and Arcusa-Magallón, Héctor and Garrido-Pena, Rafael and Royo-Guillén José, Ignacio and Nováček, Jan and Rottier, Stéphane and Kacki, Sacha and Saintot, Sylvie and Kaverzneva, Elena and Belinskiy Andrej, B. and Velemínský, Petr and Limburský, Petr and Kostka, Michal and Loe, Louise and Popescu, Elizabeth and Clarke, Rachel and Lyons, Alice and Mortimer, Richard and Sajantila, Antti and de Armas Yadira, Chinique and Hernandez Godoy Silvia, Teresita and Hernández-Zaragoza Diana, I. and Pearson, Jessica and Binder, Didier and Lefranc, Philippe and Kantorovich Anatoly, R. and Maslov Vladimir, E. and Lai, Luca and Zoledziewska, Magdalena and Beckett Jessica, F. and Langová, Michaela and Danielisová, Al�běta and Ingman, Tara and Atiénzar Gabriel, García and de Miguel Ibáñez Maria, Paz and Romero, Alejandro and Sperduti, Alessandra and Beckett, Sophie and Salter Susannah, J. and Zilivinskaya Emma, D. and Vasil'ev Dmitry, V. and von Heyking, Kristin and Burger Richard, L. and Salazar Lucy, C. and Amkreutz, Luc and Navruzbekov, Masnav and Rosenstock, Eva and Alonso-Fernández, Carmen and Slavchev, Vladimir and Kalmykov Alexey, A. and Atabiev Biaslan, Ch and Batieva, Elena and Calmet , Micaela Alvarez and Llamas, Bastien and Schultz, Michael and Krauß, Raiko and Jiménez-Echevarría, Javier and Francken, Michael and Shnaider, Svetlana and de Knijff, Peter and Altena, Eveline and Van de Vijver, Katrien and Fehren-Schmitz, Lars and Tung Tiffiny, A. and Lösch, Sandra and Dobrovolskaya, Maria and Makarov, Nikolaj and Read, Chris and Van Twest, Melanie and Sagona, Claudia and Ramsl Peter, C. and Akar, Murat and Yener, K. Aslihan and Ballestero , Eduardo Carmona and Cucca, Francesco and Mazzarello, Vittorio and Utrilla, Pilar and Rademaker, Kurt and Fernández-Domínguez, Eva and Baird, Douglas and Semal, Patrick and Márquez-Morfín, Lourdes and Roksandic, Mirjana and Steiner, Hubert and Salazar-García , Domingo Carlos and Shishlina, Natalia and Erdal Yilmaz, Selim and Hallgren, Fredrik and Boyadzhiev, Yavor and Boyadzhiev, Kamen and Küßner, Mario and Sayer, Duncan and Onkamo, Päivi and Skeates, Robin and Rojo-Guerra, Manuel and Buzhilova, Alexandra and Khussainova, Elmira and Djansugurova , Leyla B. and Beisenov , Arman Z. and Samashev, Zainolla and Massy, Ken and Mannino, Marcello and Moiseyev, Vyacheslav and Mannermaa, Kristiina and Balanovsky, Oleg and Deguilloux, Marie-France and Reinhold, Sabine and Hansen, Svend and Kitov Egor, P. and Dobes, Miroslav and Ernée, Michal and Meller, Harald and Alt , Kurt W. and Prüfer, Kay and Warinner, Christina and Schiffels, Stephan and Stockhammer , Philipp W. and Bos, Kirsten and Posth, Cosimo and Herbig, Alexander and Haak, Wolfgang and Krause, Johannes and Kühnert, Denise. (2021) Ten millennia of hepatitis B virus evolution. Science, 374 (6564). pp. 182-188.

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