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van Schayck, J. Paul and van Genderen, Eric and Maddox, Erik and Roussel, Lucas and Boulanger, Hugo and Fröjdh, Erik and Abrahams, Jan-Pieter and Peters, Peter J. and Ravelli, Raimond B. G.. (2020) Sub-pixel electron detection using a convolutional neural network. Ultramicroscopy, 218. p. 113091.

Afanasyev, Pavel and Ravelli, Raimond B. G. and Matadeen, Rishi and De Carlo, Sacha and van Duinen, Gijs and Alewijnse, Bart and Peters, Peter J. and Abrahams, Jan-Pieter and Portugal, Rodrigo V. and Schatz, Michael and van Heel, Marin. (2015) A posteriori correction of camera characteristics from large image data sets. Scientific Reports, 5. p. 10317.

Abrahams, Jan-Pieter and Apweiler, Rolf and Balling, Rudi and Bertero, Michela G. and Bujnicki, Janusz M. and Chayen, Naomi E. and Chène, Patrick and Corthals, Gary L. and Dyląg, Tomasz and Förster, Friedrich and Heck, Albert J. R. and Henderson, Peter J. F. and Herwig, Ralf and Jehenson, Philippe and Kokalj, Sasa Jenko and Laue, Ernest and Legrain, Pierre and Martens, Lennart and Migliorini, Cristiano and Musacchio, Andrea and Podobnik, Marjetka and Schertler, Gebhard F. X. and Schreiber, Gideon and Sixma, Titia K. and Smit, August B. and Stuart, David and Svergun, Dmitri I. and Taussig, Michael J.. (2011) "4D Biology for health and disease" workshop report. New biotechnology, 28 (4). pp. 291-293.

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McCoy, Airlie J. and Pei, Xue Y. and Skinner, Richard and Abrahams, Jan-Pieter and Carrell, Robin W.. (2003) Structure of beta-antithrombin and the effect of glycosylation on antithrombin's heparin affinity and activity. Journal of Molecular Biology, 326 (3). pp. 823-833.

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Elliott, Peter R. and Abrahams, Jan-Pieter and Lomas, David A.. (1998) Wild-type alpha(1)-antitrypsin is in the canonical inhibitory conformation. Journal of Molecular Biology, 275 (3). pp. 419-425.

Skinner, Richard and Abrahams, Jan-Pieter and Whisstock, James C. and Lesk, Arthur M. and Carrell, Robin W. and Wardell, Mark R.. (1997) The 2.6 Å structure of antithrombin indicates a conformational change at the heparin binding site. Journal of Molecular Biology, 266 (3). pp. 601-609.

Wardell, Mark R. and Abrahams, Jan-Pieter and Bruce, David and Skinner, Richard and Leslie, Andrew G. W.. (1993) Crystallization and Preliminary X-ray Diffraction Analysis of Two Conformations of Intact Human Antithrombin. Journal of Molecular Biology, 234 (4). pp. 1253-1258.

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