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Braschler, Brigitte and Zwahlen, Valerie and Gilgado, José D. and Rusterholz, Hans-Peter and Baur, Bruno. (2021) Owners' perceptions do not match actual ground-dwelling invertebrate diversity in their gardens. Diversity, 13 (5). p. 189.

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Book Section

Moreira-Alonso, Adrián and Arbea, Javier and Cabanillas, David and Gamarra, Purificación and Gilgado, José D. and Outerelo, Raimundo and Prieto, Carlos E. and Ramos Abuín, Jorge Ángel and Ribera, Carles and Zamora-Muñoz, Carmen and Cordero-Rivera, Adolfo. (2020) La fauna de las cuevas graníticas de O Folón (Coruxo, Pontevedra, España). In: 40 años sin Félix. Homenaje al Dr. Rodríguez de la Fuente.. Zaragoza, pp. 283-299.