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Mebert, Konrad and Jagar, Tomaz and Grzelj, Rok and Cafuta, Vesna and Luiselli, Luca and Ostanek, Erika and Golay, Philippe and Dubey, Sylvain and Golay, Joaquim and Ursenbacher, Sylvain. (2015) The dynamics of coexistence: habitat sharing versus segregation patterns among three sympatric montane vipers. Biological journal of the Linnean Society, 116 (2). pp. 364-376.

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Vlcek, Petr and Jablonski, Daniel and Kudlacek, Marcel and Mebert, Konrad. (2014) Rediscovery of the Dice Snake Natrix tessellata (Laurenti, 1768) from the Island of Krk, Croatia. Herpetozoa, Vol. 27, H. 3/4. pp. 191-196.