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Rotzler, Jurgen and Mayor, Marcel. (2013) Molecular daisy chains. Chemical Society reviews, 42 (1). pp. 44-62.

Rotzler, Jurgen and Gsellinger, Heiko and Bihlmeier, Angela and Gantenbein, Markus and Vonlanthen, David and Haussinger, Daniel and Klopper, Wim and Mayor, Marcel. (2013) Atropisomerization of di-para-substituted propyl-bridged biphenyl cyclophanes. Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, 11. pp. 110-118.

Rotzler, Jürgen and Drayss, Sylvie and Hampe, Oliver and Häussinger, Daniel and Mayor, Marcel. (2013) Molecular Daisy Chains : Synthesis and Aggregation Studies of an Amphiphilic Molecular Rod. Chemistry - A European Journal, 19 (6). pp. 2089-2101.

Masillamani, Appan Merari and Crivillers, Núria and Orgiu, Emanuele and Rotzler, Jürgen and Bossert, David and Thippeswamy, Ramakrishnappa and Zharnikov, Michael and Mayor, Marcel and Samorì, Paolo. (2012) Multiscale Charge Injection and Transport Properties in Self-Assembled Monolayers of Biphenyl Thiols with Varying Torsion Angles. Chemistry - A European Journal, 18 (33). pp. 10335-10347.

Rotzler, Jürgen and Gsellinger, Heiko and Neuburger, Markus and Vonlanthen, David and Häussinger, Daniel and Mayor, Marcel. (2011) Racemisation dynamics of torsion angle restricted biphenyl push-pull cyclophanes. Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, 9 (1). pp. 86-91.

Vonlanthen, David and Rudnev, Alexander and Mishchenko, Artem and Käslin, Alexander and Rotzler, Jürgen and Neuburger, Markus and Wandlowski, Thomas and Mayor, Marcel. (2011) Conformationally Controlled Electron Delocalization in n-Type Rods : Synthesis, Structure, and Optical, Electrochemical, and Spectroelectrochemical Properties of Dicyanocyclophanes. Chemistry - A European Journal, 17 (26). pp. 7236-7250.

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Orgiu, Emanuele and Crivillers, Nuria and Rotzler, Jürgen and Mayor, Marcel and Samori, Paolo. (2010) Tuning the charge injection of P3HT-based organic thin-film transistors through electrode functionalization with oligophenylene SAMs. Journal of Materials Chemistry, 20 (48). pp. 10798-10800.