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Gueckel, Johanna and Puelacher, Christian and Glarner, Noemi and Gualandro, Danielle M. and Strebel, Ivo and Zimmermann, Tobias and Arslani, Ketina and Hidvegi, Reka and Liffert, Marcel and Genini, Alessandro and Marbot, Stella and Schlaepfer, Maria and Steiner, Luzius A. and Bolliger, Daniel and Lampart, Andreas and Gürke, Lorenz and Kindler, Christoph and Schären, Stefan and Osswald, Stefan and Clauss, Martin and Rikli, Daniel and Lurati Buse, Giovanna and Mueller, Christian and Basel-PMI Investigators, . (2022) Patient- and procedure-related factors in the pathophysiology of perioperative myocardial infarction/injury. International Journal of Cardiology, 353. pp. 15-21.

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Aguiló, Oriol and Trullàs, Joan Carles and Wussler, Desiree and Llorens, Pere and Conde-Martel, Alicia and López-Ayala, Pedro and Jacob, Javier and Roca-Villanueva, Bernardino and Gil, Víctor and Belkin, Maria and Satué-Bartolomé, José Ángel and Mueller, Christian and Miró, Òscar and Investigators OF THE Eahfe, Rica AND Basel-V Registries, . (2022) Prevalence, Related Factors and Association of Left Bundle Branch Block With Prognosis in Patients With Acute Heart Failure: a Simultaneous Analysis in 3 Independent Cohorts. Journal of Cardiac Failure (JCF), 28 (7). pp. 1104-1115.

Koechlin, Luca and Boeddinghaus, Jasper and Nestelberger, Thomas and Lopez-Ayala, Pedro and Shrestha, Samyut and Wussler, Desiree and Haeni, Nicola and Walter, Joan Elias and Twerenbold, Raphael and Eckstein, Friedrich S. and Reuthebuch, Oliver and McCord, James and Nowak, Richard M. and Christenson, Robert H. and deFilippi, Chistopher R. and Apple, Fred S. and Mueller, Christian and Apace, and High-US investigators, . (2022) Lower diagnostic accuracy of hs-cTnI in patients with prior coronary artery bypass grafting. International Journal of Cardiology, 354. pp. 1-6.

Amrein, Melissa and Li, Xinmin S. and Walter, Joan and Wang, Zeneng and Zimmermann, Tobias and Strebel, Ivo and Honegger, Ursina and Leu, Kathrin and Schäfer, Ibrahim and Twerenbold, Raphael and Puelacher, Christian and Glarner, Noemi and Nestelberger, Thomas and Koechlin, Luca and Ceresa, Benjamin and Haaf, Philip and Bakula, Adam and Zellweger, Michael and Hazen, Stanley L. and Mueller, Christian. (2022) Gut microbiota-dependent metabolite trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO) and cardiovascular risk in patients with suspected functionally relevant coronary artery disease (fCAD). Clinical Research in Cardiology, 111 (6). pp. 692-704.

du Fay de Lavallaz, Jeanne and Zimmermann, Tobias and Badertscher, Patrick and Lopez-Ayala, Pedro and Nestelberger, Thomas and Miró, Òscar and Salgado, Emilio and Zaytseva, Xenia and Gafner, Michele Sara and Christ, Michael and Cullen, Louise and Than, Martin and Martin-Sanchez, F. Javier and Di Somma, Salvatore and Peacock, W. Frank and Keller, Dagmar I. and Costabel, Juan Pablo and Sigal, Alan and Puelacher, Christian and Wussler, Desiree and Koechlin, Luca and Strebel, Ivo and Schuler, Sereina and Manka, Robert and Bilici, Murat and Lohrmann, Jens and Kühne, Michael and Breidthardt, Tobias and Clark, Carol L. and Probst, Marc and Gibson, Thomas A. and Weiss, Robert E. and Sun, Benjamin C. and Mueller, Christian and Basel, I. X. and Investigators, S. R. S.. (2022) Performance of the American Heart Association/American College of Cardiology/Heart Rhythm Society versus European Society of Cardiology guideline criteria for hospital admission of patients with syncope. Heart Rhythm, 19 (10). pp. 1712-1722.


Arenja, Nisha and Mueller, Christian and Tomilovskaya, Elena and Koryak, Yuri and Poltavskaya, Maria and Saner, Hugo. (2021) Real-world experience of feasibility and efficacy of electrical muscle stimulation in elderly patients with acute heart failure: A randomized controlled study. International Journal of Cardiology, 344. pp. 113-119.