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Miranda, M. A. and Barceló, C. and Arnoldi, D. and Augsten, X. and Bakran-Lebl, K. and Balatsos, G. and Bengoa, M. and Bindler, P. and Bor�ová, K. and Bourquia, M. and Bravo-Barriga, D. and Čabanová, V. and Caputo, B. and Christou, M. and Delacour, S. and Eritja, R. and Fassi-Fihri, O. and Ferraguti, M. and Flacio, E. and Frontera, E. and Fuehrer, H. P. and García-Pérez, A. L. and Georgiades, P. and Gewehr, S. and Goiri, F. and González, M. A. and Gschwind, M. and Gutiérrez-López, R. and Horváth, C. and Ibáñez-Justicia, A. and Jani, V. and Kadriaj, P. and Kalan, K. and Kavran, M. and Klobucar, A. and Kurucz, K. and Lucientes, J. and Lühken, R. and Magallanes, S. and Marini, G. and Martinou, A. F. and Michelutti, A. and Mihalca, A. D. and Montalvo, T. and Montarsi, F. and Mourelatos, S. and Muja-Bajraktari, N. and Müller, P. and Notarides, G. and Osório, H. C. and Oteo, J. A. and Oter, K. and Pajović, I. and Palmer, J. R. B. and Petrinic, S. and Răileanu, C. and Ries, C. and Rogozi, E. and Ruiz-Arrondo, I. and Sanpera-Calbet, I. and Sekulić, N. and Sevim, K. and Sherifi, K. and Silaghi, C. and Silva, M. and Sokolovska, N. and Soltész, Z. and Sulesco, T. and Teekema, S. and Valsecchi, A. and Vasquez, M. I. and Velo, E. and Michaelakis, A. and Wint, W. and Petrić, D. and Schaffner, F. and Della Torre, A. and Consortium AIM-Cost/AIM-Surv, . (2022) AIMSurv: first pan-European harmonized surveillance of Aedes invasive mosquito species of relevance for human vector-borne diseases. GigaByte, 2022. gigabyte57.

Müller, P. and Engeler, L. and Vavassori, L. and Suter, T. and Guidi, V. and Gschwind, M. and Tonolla, M. and Flacio, E.. (2020) Surveillance of invasive Aedes mosquitoes along Swiss traffic axes reveals different dispersal modes for Aedes albopictus and Ae. japonicus. PLoS Negl Trop Dis, 14 (9). e0008705.