Feasibility study for the measurement of πN transition distribution amplitudes at ¯PANDA in ¯pp→J/ψπ0

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The exclusive charmonium production process in ¯pp annihilation with an associated π0 meson ¯pp→J/ψπ0 is studied in the framework of QCD collinear factorization. The feasibility of measuring this reaction through the J/ψ→e+e− decay channel with the AntiProton ANnihilation at DArmstadt (¯PANDA) experiment is investigated. Simulations on signal reconstruction efficiency as well as the background rejection from various sources including the ¯pp→π+π−π0 and ¯pp→J/ψπ0π0 reactions are performed with PandaRoot, the simulation and analysis software framework of the ¯PANDA experiment. It is shown that the measurement can be done at ¯PANDA with significant constraining power under the assumption of an integrated luminosity attainable in four to five months of data taking at the maximum design luminosity.
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