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Central University Services

Jenny, Beat Rudolf, ed. (1973) Die Briefe aus den Jahren 1548-1550 : mit zwei Tafeln und Registern. Die Amerbachkorrespondenz, Bd. 7. Basel.

Jenny, Beat Rudolf. (1973) Sancta Pax Basiliensis : neue Quellen und Hinweise zu Sebastian Münster und seiner Kosmographie, insbesondere zu den Beiträgern Hans David und Sigismund Arquer. Basler Zeitschrift für Geschichte und Altertumskunde, Bd. 73. S. 37-70.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Boehm, Gottfried. (1973) Zur Dialektik der ästhetischen Grenze : Überlegungen zur gegenwärtigen Aesthetik im Anschluss an J. Albers. Neue Hefte für Philosophie, H. 5. S. 118-138.

Winter, Gundolf. (1973) J. C. Schlaun: das Gestaltungsprinzip und seine Quellen. Schlaunstudie, 2. Münster.

Faculty of Law

Dietzi, Hanspeter. (1973) Zur Einführung einer generellen Ausweichklausel im schweizerischen IPR. In: Festgabe zum Schweizerischen Juristentag 1973. - Basel [etc.] : Helbing und Lichtenhahn, 1973. S. 49-74.

Koller, Heinrich. (1973) Budget und Norm. In: Festgabe zum Schweizerischen Juristentag 1973. - Basel [etc.] : Helbing und Lichtenhahn, 1973. S. 89-112.

Liatowitsch, Peter. (1973) Stoffschutz oder Verfahrensschutz für Pharmazeutika? Abhandlungen zum schweizerischen Recht. Neue Folge, H. 424. Bern.

Faculty of Psychology

Steinhausen, H. C.. (1973) [Conclusion to the discussion comment of H.-G. Lenard on the article of H.-Ch. Steinhausen, Sociomedical aspects of physical child abuse (Bd. 120, H. 8 (1972), S. 314-318)]. Monatsschrift für Kinderheilkunde, Bd. 121, H. 2. S. 86-87.

Steinhausen, H. C.. (1973) [Follow-up investigation of the results of treating children with phenylketonuria]. Klinische Pädiatrie, Vol. 185, H. 5. S. 352-364.

Faculty of Science

Axel, F. and Seelig, J.. (1973) Cis-double bonds in liquid crystalline bilayers. Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol. 95, H. 24. S. 7972-7977.

Cornelis, G. and Wauters, G. and Bruynoghe, G.. (1973) Résistances transférables chez des souches sauvages de Yersinia enterocolitica. Annales de microbiologie, Vol. 124, H. 3. S. 299-309.

Cornelis, G. and Wauters, G. and Vanderhaeghe, H.. (1973) Présence de beta-lactamase chez Yersinia enterocolitia. Annales de microbiologie, Vol. 124b. S. 139-152.

Dauda, G. and Mohring, J. and Hofbauer, K. G. and Homsy, E. and Miksche, U. and Orth, H. and Gross, F.. (1973) The vicious circle in acute malignant hypertension of rats. Clinical Science and Molecular Medicine. Supplement, 1. S. 251-255.

Hofbauer, K. G. and Zschiedrich, H. and Rauh, W. and Gross, F.. (1973) Conversion of angiotensin I into angiotensin II in the isolated perfused rat kidney. Clinical Science, Vol. 44, H. 5. S. 447-456.

Hofbauer, K. G. and Zschiedrich, H. and Rauh, W. and Hackenthal, E. and Gross, F.. (1973) Renin release and renin-substrate reaction in the isolated perfused rat kidney. In: Proceedings of the First Symposium of Nephrology, Hannover, June 2nd, 1973. Hannover, S. 214-234.

Hofbauer, K. G. and Zschiedrich, H. and Rauh, W. and Orth, H. and Gross, F.. (1973) Reaction of endogenous renin with exogenous renin substrate within the isolate perfused rat kidney. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine, Vol. 142, H. 3. S. 796-799.

Keller, W. and Crouch, R.. (1973) The relationship of viral to cellular ribonuclease H. In: Possible episomes in eukaryotes. Amsterdam ; London, S. 123-129.

Ozanne, B. and Vogel, A. and Sharp, P. A. and Keller, W. and Sambrook, J.. (1973) Transcription of SV40 DNA sequences in different tranformed cell lines. In: Possible episomes in eukaryotes. Amsterdam, S. 176-182.

Robinson, B. H. and Loffler, A. and Schwarz, G.. (1973) Thermodynamic behavior of acridine-orange in solution : Model system for studying stacking and charge-effects on self-aggregation. Journal of the Chemical Society, Vol. 69, H. 1. S. 56-69.

Sambrook, J. and Sugden, B. and Keller, W. and Sharp, P. A.. (1973) Transcription of simian virus 40. III : mapping of "early" and "late" species of RNA. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Vol. 70, H. 12. S. 3711-3715.

Schindler, Hansgeorg and Seelig, Joachim. (1973) EPR spectra of spin labels in lipid bilayers. Journal of Chemical Physics, 59. pp. 1841-1850.

Seelig, J.. (1973) Magnetic resonance methods in membrane research. Experientia, Vol. 29, H. 5. S. 509-516.

Seelig, J. and Axel, F. and Limacher, H.. (1973) Molecular architecture of bilayer membranes. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Vol. 222. S. 588-596.

Sugden, B. and Keller, W.. (1973) Mammalian deoxyribonucleic acid-dependent ribonucleic acid polymerases : I. Purification and properties of an -amanitin-sensitive ribonucleic acid polymerase and stimulatory factors from HeLa and KB cells. Journal of biological chemistry, Vol. 248, H. 11. S. 3777-3788.

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