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Timmes, Frank and Fryer, Chris and Timmes, Frank and Hungerford, Aimee L. and Couture, Aaron and Adams, Fred and Aoki, Wako and Arcones, Almudena and Arnett, David and Auchettl, Katie and Avila, Melina and Badenes, Carles and Baron, Eddie and Bauswein, Andreas and Beacom, John and Blackmon, Jeff and Blondin, Stéphane and Bloser, Peter and Boggs, Steve and Boss, Alan and Brandt, Terri and Bravo, Eduardo and Brown, Ed and Brown, Peter and Bruenn, Steve and Budtz-Jørgensen, Carl and Burns, Eric and Calder, Alan and Caputo, Regina and Champagne, Art and Chevalier, Roger and Chieffi, Alessandro and Chipps, Kelly and Cinabro, David and Clarkson, Ondrea and Clayton, Don and Coc, Alain and Connolly, Devin and Conroy, Charlie and Côté, Benoit and Couch, Sean and Dauphas, Nicolas and deBoer, Richard James and Deibel, Catherine and Denisenkov, Pavel and Desch, Steve and Dessart, Luc and Diehl, Roland and Doherty, Carolyn and Dom`inguez, Inma and Dong, Subo and Dwarkadas, Vikram and Fan, Doreen and Fields, Brian and Fields, Carl and Filippenko, Alex and Fisher, Robert and Foucart, Francois and Fransson, Claes and Fröhlich, Carla and Fuller, George and Gibson, Brad and Giryanskaya, Viktoriya and Görres, Joachim and Goriely, Stéphane and Grebenev, Sergei and Grefenstette, Brian and Grohs, Evan and Guillochon, James and Harpole, Alice and Harris, Chelsea and Harris, J. Austin and Harrison, Fiona and Hartmann, Dieter and Hashimoto, Masa-aki and Heger, Alexander and Hernanz, Margarita and Herwig, Falk and Hirschi, Raphael and Hix, Raphael William and Höflich, Peter and Hoffman, Robert and Holcomb, Cole and Hsiao, Eric and Iliadis, Christian and Janiuk, Agnieszka and Janka, Thomas and Jerkstrand, Anders and Johns, Lucas and Jones, Samuel and José, Jordi and Kajino, Toshitaka and Karakas, Amanda and Karpov, Platon and Kasen, Dan and Kierans, Carolyn and Kippen, Marc and Korobkin, Oleg and Kobayashi, Chiaki and Kozma, Cecilia and Krot, Saha and Kumar, Pawan and Kuvvetli, Irfan and Laird, Alison and Laming, Martin and Larsson, Josefin and Lattanzio, John and Lattimer, James and Leising, Mark and Lennarz, Annika and Lentz, Eric and Limongi, Marco and Lippuner, Jonas and Livne, Eli and Lloyd-Ronning, Nicole and Longland, Richard and Lopez, Laura A. and Lugaro, Maria and Lutovinov, Alexander and Madsen, Kristin and Malone, Chris and Matteucci, Francesca and McEnery, Julie and Meisel, Zach and Messer, Bronson and Metzger, Brian and Meyer, Bradley and Meynet, Georges and Mezzacappa, Anthony and Miller, Jonah and Miller, Richard and Milne, Peter and Misch, Wendell and Mitchell, Lee and Mösta, Philipp and Motizuki, Yuko and Müller, Bernhard and Mumpower, Matthew and Murphy, Jeremiah and Nagataki, Shigehiro and Nakar, Ehud and Nomoto, Ken`ichi and Nugent, Peter and Nunes, Filomena and O`Shea, Brian and Oberlack, Uwe and Pain, Steven and Parker, Lucas and Perego, Albino and Pignatari, Marco and Pinedo, Gabriel Mart`inez and Plewa, Tomasz and Poznanski, Dovi and Priedhorsky, William and Pritychenko, Boris and Radice, David and Ramirez-Ruiz, Enrico and Rauscher, Thomas and Reddy, Sanjay and Rehm, Ernst and Reifarth, Rene and Richman, Debra and Ricker, Paul and Rijal, Nabin and Roberts, Luke and Röpke, Friedrich and Rosswog, Stephan and Ruiter, Ashley J. and Ruiz, Chris and Savin, Daniel Wolf and Schatz, Hendrik and Schneider, Dieter and Schwab, Josiah and Seitenzahl, Ivo and Shen, Ken and Siegert, Thomas and Sim, Stuart and Smith, David and Smith, Karl and Smith, Michael and Sollerman, Jesper and Sprouse, Trevor and Spyrou, Artemis and Starrfield, Sumner and Steiner, Andrew and Strong, Andrew W. and Sukhbold, Tuguldur and Suntzeff, Nick and Surman, Rebecca and Tanimori, Toru and The, Lih-Sin and Thielemann, Friedrich-Karl and Tolstov, Alexey and Tominaga, Nozomu and Tomsick, John and Townsley, Dean and Tsintari, Pelagia and Tsygankov, Sergey and Vartanyan, David and Venters, Tonia and Vestrand, Tom and Vink, Jacco and Waldman, Roni and Wang, Lifang and Wang, Xilu and Warren, MacKenzie and West, Christopher and Wheeler, J. Craig and Wiescher, Michael and Winkler, Christoph and Winter, Lisa and Wolf, Bill and Woolf, Richard and Woosley, Stan and Wu, Jin and Wrede, Chris and Yamada, Shoichi and Young, Patrick and Zegers, Remco and Zingale, Michael and Zwart, Simon Portegies. (2019) Catching Element Formation In The Act ; The Case for a New MeV Gamma-Ray Mission: Radionuclide Astronomy in the 2020s. Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society, 51 (3). p. 2.

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