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Particle Data Group, and Zyla, P. A. and Barnett, R. M. and Beringer, J. and Dahl, O. and Dwyer, D. A. and Groom, D. E. and Lin, C.-J. and Lugovsky, K. S. and Pianori, E. and Robinson, D. J. and Wohl, C. G. and Yao, W.-M. and Agashe, K. and Aielli, G. and Allanach, B. C. and Amsler, C. and Antonelli, M. and Aschenauer, E. C. and Asner, D. M. and Baer, H. and Banerjee, Sw and Baudis, L. and Bauer, C. W. and Beatty, J. J. and Belousov, V. I. and Bethke, S. and Bettini, A. and Biebel, O. and Black, K. M. and Blucher, E. and Buchmuller, O. and Burkert, V. and Bychkov, M. A. and Cahn, R. N. and Carena, M. and Ceccucci, A. and Cerri, A. and Chakraborty, D. and Chivukula, R. Sekhar and Cowan, G. and D`Ambrosio, G. and Damour, T. and de Florian, D. and de Gouvea, A. and de Jong, P. and DeGrand, T. and Dissertori, G. and Dobrescu, B. A. and D`Onofrio, M. and Doser, M. and Drees, M. and Dreiner, H. K. and Eerola, P. and Egede, U. and Eidelman, S. and Ellis, J. and Erler, J. and Ezhela, V. V. and Fetscher, W. and Fields, B. D. and Foster, B. and Freitas, A. and Gallagher, H. and Garren, L. and Gerber, H.-J. and Gerbier, G. and Gershon, T. and Gershtein, Y. and Gherghetta, T. and Godizov, A. A. and Gonzalez-Garcia, M. C. and Goodman, M. and Grab, C. and Gritsan, A. V. and Grojean, C. and Grünewald, M. and Gurtu, A. and Gutsche, T. and Haber, H. E. and Hanhart, C. and Hashimoto, S. and Hayato, Y. and Hebecker, A. and Heinemeyer, S. and Heltsley, B. and Hernandez-Rey, J. J. and Hikasa, K. and Hisano, J. and Höcker, A. and Holder, J. and Holtkamp, A. and Huston, J. and Hyodo, T. and Johnson, K. F. and Kado, M. and Karliner, M. and Katz, U. F. and Kenzie, M. and Khoze, V. A. and Klein, S. R. and Klempt, E. and Kowalewski, R. V. and Krauss, F. and Kreps, M. and Krusche, B. and Kwon, Y. and Lahav, O. and Laiho, J. and Lellouch, L. P. and Lesgourgues, J. and Liddle, A. R. and Ligeti, Z. and Lippmann, C. and Liss, T. M. and Littenberg, L. and Lourenco, C. and Lugovsky, S. B. and Lusiani, A. and Makida, Y. and Maltoni, F. and Mannel, T. and Manohar, A. V. and Marciano, W. J. and Masoni, A. and Matthews, J. and Meissner, U.-G. and Mikhasenko, M. and Miller, D. J. and Milstead, D. and Mitchell, R. E. and Mönig, K. and Molaro, P. and Moortgat, F. and Moskovic, M. and Nakamura, K. and Narain, M. and Nason, P. and Navas, S. and Neubert, M. and Nevski, P. and Nir, Y. and Olive, K. A. and Patrignani, C. and Peacock, J. A. and Petcov, S. T. and Petrov, V. A. and Pich, A. and Piepke, A. and Pomarol, A. and Profumo, S. and Quadt, A. and Rabbertz, K. and Rademacker, J. and Raffelt, G. and Ramani, H. and Ramsey-Musolf, M. and Ratcliff, B. N. and Richardson, P. and Ringwald, A. and Roesler, S. and Rolli, S. and Romaniouk, A. and Rosenberg, L. J. and Rosner, J. L. and Rybka, G. and Ryskin, M. and Ryutin, R. A. and Sakai, Y. and Salam, G. P. and Sarkar, S. and Sauli, F. and Schneider, O. and Scholberg, K. and Schwartz, A. J. and Schwiening, J. and Scott, D. and Sharma, V. and Sharpe, S. R. and Shutt, T. and Silari, M. and Sjöstrand, T. and Skands, P. and Skwarnicki, T. and Smoot, G. F. and Soffer, A. and Sozzi, M. S. and Spanier, S. and Spiering, C. and Stahl, A. and Stone, S. L. and Sumino, Y. and Sumiyoshi, T. and Syphers, M. J. and Takahashi, F. and Tanabashi, M. and Tanaka, J. and Tasevsky, M. and Terashi, K. and Terning, J. and Thoma, U. and Tiator, L. and Thorne, R. S. and Titov, M. and Tkachenko, N. P. and Tovey, D. R. and Trabelsi, K. and Urquijo, P. and Valencia, G. and Van de Water, R. and Varelas, N. and Venanzoni, G. and Verde, L. and Vogel, P. and Vincter, M. G. and Vogelsang, W. and Vogt, A. and Vorobyev, V. and Wakely, S. P. and Walkowiak, W. and Walter, C. W. and Wands, D. and Wascko, M. O. and Weinberg, D. H. and Weinberg, E. J. and White, M. and Wiencke, L. R. and Willocq, S. and Woody, C. L. and Workman, R. L. and Yokoyama, M. and Yoshida, R. and Zanderighi, G. and Zeller, G. P. and Zenin, O. V. and Zhu, R.-Y. and Zhu, S.-L. and Zimmermann, F. and Anderson, J. and Basaglia, T. and Lugovsky, V. S. and Schaffner, P. and Zheng, W.. (2020) Review of Particle Physics. Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics (8). 083C01.

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