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Abada, A. and Abbrescia, M. and AbdusSalam, S. S. and Abdyukhanov, I. and Fernandez, J. Abelleira and Abramov, A. and Aburaia, M. and Acar, A. O. and Adzic, P. R. and Agrawal, P. and Aguilar-Saavedra, J. A. and Aguilera-Verdugo, J. J. and Aiba, M. and Aichinger, I. and Aielli, G. and Akay, A. and Akhundov, A. and Aksakal, H. and Albacete, J. L. and Albergo, S. and Alekou, A. and Aleksa, M. and Aleksan, R. and Fernandez, R. M. Alemany and Alexahin, Y. and Alía, R. G. and Alioli, S. and Tehrani, N. Alipour and Allanach, B. C. and Allport, P. P. and Altınlı, M. and Altmannshofer, W. and Ambrosio, G. and Amorim, D. and Amstutz, O. and Anderlini, L. and Andreazza, A. and Andreini, M. and Andriatis, A. and Andris, C. and Andronic, A. and Angelucci, M. and Antinori, F. and Antipov, S. A. and Antonelli, M. and Antonello, M. and Antonioli, P. and Antusch, S. and Anulli, F. and Apolinário, L. and Apollinari, G. and Apollonio, A. and Appelö, D. and Appleby, R. B. and Apyan, Ara. and Apyan, Arm. and Arbey, A. and Arbuzov, A. and Arduini, G. and Arı, V. and Arias, S. and Armesto, N. and Arnaldi, R. and Arsenyev, S. A. and Arzeo, M. and Asai, S. and Aslanides, E. and Aßmann, R. W. and Astapovych, D. and Atanasov, M. and Atieh, S. and Attié, D. and Auchmann, B. and Audurier, A. and Aull, S. and Aumon, S. and Aune, S. and Avino, F. and Avrillaud, G. and Aydın, G. and Azatov, A. and Azuelos, G. and Azzi, P. and Azzolini, O. and Azzurri, P. and Bacchetta, N. and Bacchiocchi, E. and Bachacou, H. and Baek, Y. W. and Baglin, V. and Bai, Y. and Baird, S. and Baker, M. J. and Baldwin, M. J. and Ball, A. H. and Ballarino, A. and Banerjee, S. and Barber, D. P. and Barducci, D. and Barjhoux, P. and Barna, D. and Barnaföldi, G. G. and Barnes, M. J. and Barr, A. and García, J. Barranco and da Costa, J. Barreiro Guimarães and Bartmann, W. and Baryshevsky, V. and Barzi, E. and Bass, S. A. and Bastianin, A. and Baudouy, B. and Bauer, F. and Bauer, M. and Baumgartner, T. and Bautista-Guzmán, I. and Bayındır, C. and Beaudette, F. and Bedeschi, F. and Béguin, M. and Bellafont, I. and Bellagamba, L. and Bellegarde, N. and Belli, E. and Bellingeri, E. and Bellini, F. and Bellomo, G. and Belomestnykh, S. and Bencivenni, G. and Benedikt, M. and Bernardi, G. and Bernardi, J. and Bernet, C. and Bernhardt, J. M. and Bernini, C. and Berriaud, C. and Bertarelli, A. and Bertolucci, S. and Besana, M. I. and Besançon, M. and Beznosov, O. and Bhat, P. and Bhat, C. and Biagini, M. E. and Biarrotte, J.-L. and Chevalier, A. Bibet and Bielert, E. R. and Biglietti, M. and Bilei, G. M. and Bilki, B. and Biscari, C. and Bishara, F. and Blanco-García, O. R. and Blánquez, F. R. and Blekman, F. and Blondel, A. and Blümlein, J. and Boccali, T. and Boels, R. and Bogacz, S. A. and Bogomyagkov, A. and Boine-Frankenheim, O. and Boland, M. J. and Bologna, S. and Bolukbasi, O. and Bomben, M. and Bondarenko, S. and Bonvini, M. and Boos, E. and Bordini, B. and Bordry, F. and Borghello, G. and Borgonovi, L. and Borowka, S. and Bortoletto, D. and Boscherini, D. and Boscolo, M. and Boselli, S. and Bosley, R. R. and Bossu, F. and Botta, C. and Bottura, L. and Boughezal, R. and Boutin, D. and Bovone, G. and Jelisavc̆ić, I. Božović and Bozbey, A. and Bozzi, C. and Bozzini, D. and Braccini, V. and Braibant-Giacomelli, S. and Bramante, J. and Braun-Munzinger, P. and Briffa, J. A. and Britzger, D. and Brodsky, S. J. and Brooke, J. J. and Bruce, R. and De Renstrom, P. Brückman and Bruna, E. and Brüning, O. and Brunner, O. and Brunner, K. and Bruzzone, P. and Buffat, X. and Bulyak, E. and Burkart, F. and Burkhardt, H. and Burnet, J.-P. and Butin, F. and Buttazzo, D. and Butterworth, A. and Caccia, M. and Cai, Y. and Caiffi, B. and Cairo, V. and Cakir, O. and Calaga, R. and Calatroni, S. and Calderini, G. and Calderola, G. and Caliskan, A. and Calvet, D. and Calviani, M. and Camalich, J. M. and Camarri, P. and Campanelli, M. and Camporesi, T. and Canbay, A. C. and Canepa, A. and Cantergiani, E. and Cantore-Cavalli, D. and Capeans, M. and Cardarelli, R. and Cardella, U. and Cardini, A. and Calame, C. M. Carloni and Carra, F. and Carra, S. and Carvalho, A. and Casalbuoni, S. and Casas, J. and Cascella, M. and Castelnovo, P. and Castorina, G. and Catalano, G. and Cavasinni, V. and Cazzato, E. and Cennini, E. and Cerri, A. and Cerutti, F. and Cervantes, J. and Chaikovska, I. and Chakrabortty, J. and Chala, M. and Chamizo-Llatas, M. and Chanal, H. and Chanal, D. and Chance, S. and Chancé, A. and Charitos, P. and Charles, J. and Charles, T. K. and Chattopadhyay, S. and Chehab, R. and Chekanov, S. V. and Chen, N. and Chernoded, A. and Chetvertkova, V. and Chevalier, L. and Chiarelli, G. and Chiarello, G. and Chiesa, M. and Chiggiato, P. and Childers, J. T. and Chmielińska, A. and Cholakian, A. and Chomaz, P. and Chorowski, M. and Chou, W. and Chrzaszcz, M. and Chyhyrynets, E. and Cibinetto, G. and Ciftci, A. K. and Ciftci, R. and Cimino, R. and Ciuchini, M. and Clark, P. J. and Coadou, Y. and Cobal, M. and Coccaro, A. and Cogan, J. and Cogneras, E. and Collamati, F. and Colldelram, C. and Collier, P. and Collot, J. and Contino, R. and Conventi, F. and Cook, C. T. A. and Cooley, L. and Corcella, G. and Cornell, A. S. and Corral, G. H. and Correia-Rodrigues, H. and Costanza, F. and Pinto, P. Costa and Couderc, F. and Coupard, J. and Craig, N. and Garrido, I. Crespo and Crivellin, A. and Croteau, J. F. and Crouch, M. and Alaniz, E. Cruz and Curé, B. and Curti, J. and Curtin, D. and Czech, M. and Dachauer, C. and D’Agnolo, R. T. and Daibo, M. and Dainese, A. and Dalena, B. and Daljevec, A. and Dallapiazza, W. and Schwartzentruber, L. D’Aloia and Dam, M. and D’Ambrosio, G. and Das, S. P. and DasBakshi, S. and da Silva, W. and da Silveira, G. G. and D’Auria, V. and D’Auria, S. and David, A. and Davidek, T. and Deandrea, A. and de Blas, J. and Debono, C. J. and De Curtis, S. and De Filippis, N. and de Florian, D. and Deghaye, S. and de Jong, S. J. and Bo, C. Del and Duca, V. Del and Delikaris, D. and Deliot, F. and Dell’Acqua, A. and Rose, L. Delle and Delmastro, M. and De Lucia, E. and Demarteau, M. and Denegri, D. and Deniau, L. and Denisov, D. and Denizli, H. and Denner, A. and d’Enterria, D. and de Rijk, G. and De Roeck, A. and Derue, F. and Deschamps, O. and Descotes-Genon, S. and Dev, P. S. B. and de Vivie de Régie, J. B. and Dewanjee, R. K. and Ciaccio, A. Di and Cicco, A. Di and Dillon, B. M. and Micco, B. Di and Nezza, P. Di and Vita, S. Di and Doblhammer, A. and Dominjon, A. and D’Onofrio, M. and Dordei, F. and Drago, A. and Draper, P. and Drasal, Z. and Drewes, M. and Duarte, L. and Dubovyk, I. and Duda, P. and Dudarev, A. and Dudko, L. and Duellmann, D. and Dünser, M. and Pree, T. du and Durante, M. and Yildiz, H. Duran and Dutta, S. and Duval, F. and Duval, J. M. and Dydyshka, Ya. and Dziewit, B. and Eisenhardt, S. and Eisterer, M. and Ekelof, T. and Khechen, D. El and Ellis, S. A. and Ellis, J. and Ellison, J. A. and Elsener, K. and Elsing, M. and Enari, Y. and Englert, C. and Eriksson, H. and Eskola, K. J. and Esposito, L. S. and Etisken, O. and Etzion, E. and Fabbricatore, P. and Falkowski, A. and Falou, A. and Faltova, J. and Fan, J. and Fanò, L. and Farilla, A. and Farinelli, R. and Farinon, S. and Faroughy, D. A. and Fartoukh, S. D. and Faus-Golfe, A. and Fawcett, W. J. and Felici, G. and Felsberger, L. and Ferdeghini, C. and Navarro, A. M. Fernandez and Fernández-Téllez, A. and Troitino, J. Ferradas and Ferrara, G. and Ferrari, R. and Ferreira, L. and da Silva, P. Ferreira and Ferrera, G. and Ferro, F. and Fiascaris, M. and Fiorendi, S. and Fiorio, C. and Fischer, O. and Fischer, E. and Flieger, W. and Florio, M. and Fonnesu, D. and Fontanesi, E. and Foppiani, N. and Foraz, K. and Forkel-Wirth, D. and Forte, S. and Fouaidy, M. and Fournier, D. and Fowler, T. and Fox, J. and Francavilla, P. and Franceschini, R. and Franchino, S. and Franco, E. and Freitas, A. and Fuks, B. and Furukawa, K. and Furuseth, S. V. and Gabrielli, E. and Gaddi, A. and Galanti, M. and Gallo, E. and Ganjour, S. and Gao, Jia. and Gao, Jie. and Diaz, V. Garcia and Pérez, M. García and Tabarés, L. García and Garion, C. and Garzelli, M. V. and Garzia, I. and Gascon-Shotkin, S. M. and Gaudio, G. and Gay, P. and Ge, S.-F. and Gehrmann, T. and Genest, M. H. and Gerard, R. and Gerigk, F. and Gerwig, H. and Giacomelli, P. and Giagu, S. and Gianfelice-Wendt, E. and Gianotti, F. and Giffoni, F. and Gilardoni, S. S. and Costa, M. Gil and Giovannetti, M. and Giovannozzi, M. and Giubellino, P. and Giudice, G. F. and Giunta, A. and Gladilin, L. K. and Glukhov, S. and Gluza, J. and Gobbi, G. and Goddard, B. and Goertz, F. and Golling, T. and Gonçalves, D. and Goncalves, V. P. and Gonçalo, R. and Gomez, L. A. Gonzalez and Zadeh, S. Gorgi and Gorine, G. and Gorini, E. and Gourlay, S. A. and Gouskos, L. and Grancagnolo, F. and Grassellino, A. and Grau, A. and Graverini, E. and Gray, H. M. and Greco, Ma. and Greco, Mi. and Grenard, J.-L. and Grimm, O. and Grojean, C. and Gromov, V. A. and Grosse-Oetringhaus, J. F. and Grudiev, A. and Grzanka, K. and Gu, J. and Guadagnoli, D. and Guidi, V. and Guiducci, S. and Canton, G. Guillermo and Günaydin, Y. O. and Gupta, R. and Gupta, R. S. and Gutierrez, J. and Gutleber, J. and Guyot, C. and Guzey, V. and Gwenlan, C. and Haberstroh, Ch. and Hacışahinoğlu, B. and Haerer, B. and Hahn, K. and Hahn, T. and Hammad, A. and Han, C. and Hance, M. and Hannah, A. and Harris, P. C. and Hati, C. and Haug, S. and Hauptman, J. and Haurylavets, V. and He, H-J. and Hegglin, A. and Hegner, B. and Heinemann, K. and Heinemeyer, S. and Helsens, C. and Henriques, Ana. and Henriques, And. and Hernandez, P. and Hernández-Pinto, R. J. and Hernandez-Sanchez, J. and Herzig, T. and Hiekkanen, I. and Hillert, W. and Hoehn, T. and Hofer, M. and Höfle, W. and Holdener, F. and Holleis, S. and Holzer, B. and Hong, D. K. and Honorato, C. G. and Hopkins, S. C. and Hrdinka, J. and Hug, F. and Humann, B. and Humer, H. and Hurth, T. and Hutton, A. and Iacobucci, G. and Ibarrola, N. and Iconomidou-Fayard, L. and Ilyina-Brunner, K. and Incandela, J. and Infantino, A. and Ippolito, V. and Ishino, M. and Islam, R. and Ita, H. and Ivanovs, A. and Iwamoto, S. and Iyer, A. and Bermudez, S. Izquierdo and Jadach, S. and Jamin, D. O. and Janot, P. and Jarry, P. and Jeff, A. and Jenny, P. and Jensen, E. and Jensen, M. and Jiang, X. and Jiménez, J. M. and Jones, M. A. and Jones, O. R. and Jowett, J. M. and Jung, S. and Kaabi, W. and Kado, M. and Kahle, K. and Kalinovskaya, L. and Kalinowski, J. and Kamenik, J. F. and Kannike, K. and Kara, S. O. and Karadeniz, H. and Karaventzas, V. and Karpov, I. and Kartal, S. and Karyukhin, A. and Kashikhin, V. and Behr, J. Katharina and Kaya, U. and Keintzel, J. and Keinz, P. A. and Keppel, K. and Kersevan, R. and Kershaw, K. and Khanpour, H. and Khatibi, S. and Yanehsari, M. Khatiri and Khoze, V. V. and Kieseler, J. and Kilic, A. and Kilpinen, A. and Kim, Y.-K. and Kim, D. W. and Klein, U. and Klein, M. and Kling, F. and Klinkenberg, N. and Klöppel, S. and Klute, M. and Klyukhin, V. I. and Knecht, M. and Kniehl, B. and Kocak, F. and Koeberl, C. and Kolano, A. M. and Kollegger, A. and Kołodziej, K. and Kolomiets, A. A. and Komppula, J. and Koop, I. and Koppenburg, P. and Koratzinos, M. and Kordiaczyńska, M. and Korjik, M. and Kortner, O. and Kostka, P. and Kotlarski, W. and Kotnig, C. and Köttig, T. and Kotwal, A. V. and Kovalenko, A. D. and Kowalski, S. and Kozaczuk, J. and Kozlov, G. A. and Kozub, S. S. and Krainer, A. M. and Kramer, T. and Krämer, M. and Krammer, M. and Krasnov, A. A. and Krauss, F. and Kravalis, K. and Kretzschmar, L. and Kriske, R. M. and Kritscher, H. and Krkotic, P. and Kroha, H. and Kucharczyk, M. and Kuday, S. and Kuendig, A. and Kuhlmann, G. and Kulesza, A. and Kumar, Mi. and Kumar, Mu. and Kusina, A. and Kuttimalai, S. and Kuze, M. and Kwon, T. and Lackner, F. and Lackner, M. and La Francesca, E. and Laine, M. and Lamanna, G. and La Mendola, S. and Lançon, E. and Landsberg, G. and Langacker, P. and Lange, C. and Langner, A. and Lankford, A. J. and Lansberg, J. P. and Lari, T. and Laycock, P. J. and Lebrun, P. and Lechner, A. and Lee, K. and Lee, S. and Lee, R. and Lefevre, T. and Guen, P. Le and Lehtinen, T. and Leith, S. B. and Lenzi, P. and Leogrande, E. and Leonidopoulos, C. and Leon-Monzon, I. and Lerner, G. and Leroy, O. and Lesiak, T. and Lévai, P. and Leveratto, A. and Levichev, E. and Li, G. and Li, S. and Li, R. and Liberati, D. and Liepe, M. and Lissauer, D. A. and Liu, Z. and Lobko, A. and Locci, E. and Agaliotis, E. Logothetis and Lombardo, M. P. and Long, A. J. and Lorin, C. and Losito, R. and Louzguiti, A. and Low, I. and Lucchesi, D. and Lucchini, M. T. and Luciani, A. and Lueckhof, M. and Lunt, A. J. G. and Luzum, M. and Lyubimtsev, D. A. and Maggiora, M. and Magnin, N. and Mahmoud, M. A. and Mahmoudi, F. and Maitre, J. and Makarenko, V. and Malagoli, A. and Malclés, J. and Malgeri, L. and Mallon, P. J. and Maltoni, F. and Malvezzi, S. and Malyshev, O. B. and Mancinelli, G. and Mandrik, P. and Manfrinetti, P. and Mangano, M. and Manil, P. and Mannelli, M. and Marchiori, G. and Marhauser, F. and Mariani, V. and Marinozzi, V. and Mariotto, S. and Marquard, P. and Marquet, C. and Marriott-Dodington, T. and Martin, R. and Martin, O. and Camalich, J. Martin and Martinez, T. and Bruzual, H. Martinez and Martínez-Hernández, M. I. and Martins, D. E. and Marzani, S. and Marzocca, D. and Marzola, L. and Masciocchi, S. and Masina, I. and Massimiliano, A. and Massironi, A. and Masubuchi, T. and Matveev, V. A. and Mazzoni, M. A. and McCullough, M. and McIntosh, P. A. and Meade, P. and Medina, L. and Meier, A. and Meignan, J. and Mele, B. and Saraiva, J. G. Mendes and Menez, F. and Mentink, M. and Meoni, E. and Meridiani, P. and Merk, M. and Mermod, P. and Mertens, V. and Mether, L. and Métral, E. and Migliorati, M. and Milanese, A. and Milardi, C. and Milhano, G. and Militsyn, B. L. and Millet, F. and Minashvili, I. and Minervini, J. V. and Miralles, L. S. and Mirarchi, D. and Mishima, S. and Missiaen, D. P. and Mitselmakher, G. and Mitsuhashi, T. and Mnich, J. and Najafabadi, M. Mohammadi and Mohapatra, R. N. and Mokhov, N. and Molson, J. G. and Monge, R. and Montag, C. and Montagna, G. and Monteil, S. and Montenero, G. and Montesinos, E. and Moortgat, F. and Morange, N. and Morello, G. and Llácer, M. Moreno and Moretti, M. and Moretti, S. and Morley, A. K. and Moros, A. and Morozov, I. and Morretta, V. and Morrone, M. and Mostacci, A. and Muanza, S. and Muchnoi, N. and Mühlegger, M. and Mulder, M. and Mulders, M. and Müller, B. and Müller, F. and Müller, A.-S. and Munilla, J. and Murray, M. J. and Muttoni, Y. and Myers, S. and Mylona, M. and Nachtman, J. and Nakamoto, T. and Nardecchia, M. and Nardini, G. and Nason, P. and Nergiz, Z. and Nesterenko, A. V. and Nettsträter, A. and Neubüser, C. and Neundorf, J. and Niccoli, F. and Nicrosini, O. and Nie, Y. and Niedermayer, U. and Niedziela, J. and Niemi, A. and Nikitin, S. A. and Nisati, A. and No, J. M. and Nonis, M. and Nosochkov, Y. and Novák, M. and Novokhatski, A. and O’Callaghan, J. M. and Ochando, C. and Ogur, S. and Ohmi, K. and Oide, K. and Okorokov, V. A. and Okumura, Y. and Oleari, C. and Olness, F. I. and Onel, Y. and Ortino, M. and Osborne, J. and Osland, P. and Otto, T. and Oyulmaz, K. Y. and Ozansoy, A. and Özcan, V. and Özdemir, K. and Pagliarone, C. E. and da Silva, H. F. Pais and Palmieri, E. and Palumbo, L. and Pampaloni, A. and Pan, R.-Q. and Panareo, M. and Panella, O. and Panico, G. and Panizzo, G. and Pankov, A. A. and Pantsyrny, V. and Papadopoulos, C. G. and Papaefstathiou, A. and Papaphilippou, Y. and Parker, M. A. and Parma, V. and Pasquali, M. and Patra, S. K. and Patterson, R. and Paukkunen, H. and Pauss, F. and Peggs, S. and Penttinen, J.-P. and Peón, G. and Perepelkin, E. E. and Perez, E. and Perez, J. C. and Perez, G. and Pérez, F. and Codina, E. Perez and Morales, J. Perez and Perfilov, M. and Pernegger, H. and Peruzzi, M. and Pes, C. and Peters, K. and Petracca, S. and Petriello, F. and Pezzotti, L. and Pfeiffer, S. and Piccinini, F. and Pieloni, T. and Pierini, M. and Pikhartova, H. and Pikurs, G. and Pilicer, E. and Piminov, P. and Pira, C. and Pittau, R. and Płaczek, W. and Plagge, M. and Plehn, T. and Pleier, M.-A. and Płoskoń, M. and Podeur, M. and Podlech, H. and Podzorny, T. and Poggioli, L. and Poiron, A. and Polesello, G. and Lener, M. Poli and Polini, A. and Polinski, J. and Polozov, S. M. and Ponce, L. and Pont, M. and Pontecorvo, L. and Portaluri, T. and Potamianos, K. and Prasse, C. and Prausa, M. and Preinerstorfer, A. and Premat, E. and Price, T. and Primavera, M. and Prino, F. and Prioli, M. and Proudfoot, J. and Provino, A. and Pugnat, T. and Pukhaeva, N. and Puławski, S. and Pulikowski, D. and Punzi, G. and Putti, M. and Pyarelal, A. and Quack, H. and Quispe, M. and Racioppi, A. and Rafique, H. and Raginel, V. and Raidal, M. and Ramírez-Uribe, N. S. and Ramsey-Musolf, M. J. and Rata, R. and Ratoff, P. and Ravotti, F. and Teles, P. Rebello and Reboud, M. and Redaelli, S. and Renner, E. and Rentería-Olivo, A. E. and Rescigno, M. and Reuter, J. and Ribon, A. and Ricci, A. M. and Riegler, W. and Riemann, S. and Riemann, B. and Riemann, T. and Rifflet, J. M. and Rimmer, R. A. and Rinaldesi, R. and Rinolfi, L. and Rubiras, O. Rios and Risselada, T. and Rivetti, A. and Rivkin, L. and Rizzo, T. and Robens, T. and Robert, F. and Robson, A. J. and Rochepault, E. and Roda, C. and Rodrigo, G. and Rodríguez-Cahuantzi, M. and Rogan, C. and Roig, M. and Rojas-Torres, S. and Rojo, J. and Rolandi, G. and Rolando, G. and Roloff, P. and Romanenko, A. and Romanov, A. and Roncarolo, F. and Sanchez, A. Rosado and Rosaz, G. and Rossi, L. and Rossi, A. and Rossmanith, R. and Rousset, B. and Royon, C. and Ruan, X. and Ruehl, I. and Ruhlmann-Kleider, V. and Ruiz, R. and Rumyantsev, L. and Ruprecht, R. and Ryazanov, A. I. and Saba, A. and Sadykov, R. and de Jauregui, D. Saez and Sahin, M. and Sailer, B. and Saito, M. and Sala, F. and Salam, G. P. and Salfeld-Nebgen, J. and Salgado, C. A. and Salini, S. and Sallese, J. M. and Salmi, T. and Salzburger, A. and Sampayo, O. A. and Sanfilippo, S. and Santiago, J. and Santopinto, E. and Santoro, R. and Ull, A. Sanz and Sarasola, X. and Sarpün, I. H. and Sauvain, M. and Savelyeva, S. and Sawada, R. and Sborlini, G. F. 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