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Valent, Peter and Akin, Cem and Hartmann, Karin and Alvarez-Twose, Ivan and Brockow, Knut and Hermine, Olivier and Niedoszytko, Marek and Schwaab, Juliana and Lyons, Jonathan J. and Carter, Melody C. and Elberink, Hanneke Oude and Butterfield, Joseph H. and George, Tracy I. and Greiner, Georg and Ustun, Celalettin and Bonadonna, Patrizia and Sotlar, Karl and Nilsson, Gunnar and Jawhar, Mohamad and Siebenhaar, Frank and Broesby-Olsen, Sigurd and Yavuz, Selim and Zanotti, Roberta and Lange, Magdalena and Nedoszytko, Boguslaw and Hoermann, Gregor and Castells, Mariana and Radia, Deepti H. and Muñoz-Gonzalez, Javier I. and Sperr, Wolfgang R. and Triggiani, Massimo and Kluin-Nelemans, Hanneke C. and Galli, Stephen J. and Schwartz, Lawrence B. and Reiter, Andreas and Orfao, Alberto and Gotlib, Jason and Arock, Michel and Horny, Hans-Peter and Metcalfe, Dean D.. (2021) Updated diagnostic criteria and classification of mast cell disorders: a consensus proposal. HemaSphere, 5 (11). e646.


Hartmann, Karin and Escribano, Luis and Grattan, Clive and Brockow, Knut and Carter, Melody C. and Alvarez-Twose, Ivan and Matito, Almudena and Broesby-Olsen, Sigurd and Siebenhaar, Frank and Lange, Magdalena and Niedoszytko, Marek and Castells, Mariana and Oude Elberink, Joanna N. G. and Bonadonna, Patrizia and Zanotti, Roberta and Hornick, Jason L. and Torrelo, Antonio and Grabbe, Jürgen and Rabenhorst, Anja and Nedoszytko, Boguslaw and Butterfield, Joseph H. and Gotlib, Jason and Reiter, Andreas and Radia, Deepti and Hermine, Olivier and Sotlar, Karl and George, Tracy I. and Kristensen, Thomas K. and Kluin-Nelemans, Hanneke C. and Yavuz, Selim and Hägglund, Hans and Sperr, Wolfgang R. and Schwartz, Lawrence B. and Triggiani, Massimo and Maurer, Marcus and Nilsson, Gunnar and Horny, Hans-Peter and Arock, Michel and Orfao, Alberto and Metcalfe, Dean D. and Akin, Cem and Valent, Peter. (2016) Cutaneous manifestations in patients with mastocytosis: consensus report of the European Competence Network on Mastocytosis; the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology; and the European Academy of Allergology and Clinical Immunology. The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 137 (1). pp. 35-45.


Valent, Peter and Arock, Michel and Bonadonna, Patrizia and Brockow, Knut and Broesby-Olsen, Sigurd and Escribano, Luis and Gleixner, Karoline V. and Grattan, Clive and Hadzijusufovic, Emir and Hägglund, Hans and Hermine, Olivier and Horny, Hans-Peter and Kluin-Nelemans, Hanneke C. and Maurer, Marcus and Niedoszytko, Marek and Nedoszytko, Boguslaw and Nilsson, Gunnar and Oude-Elberink, Hanneke N. G. and Orfao, Alberto and Radia, Deepti and Reiter, Andreas and Siebenhaar, Frank and Sotlar, Karl and Sperr, Wolfgang R. and Triggiani, Massimo and VanDoormaal, Jaap J. and Várkonyi, Judit and Yavuz, Selim and Hartmann, Karin. (2012) European Competence Network on Mastocytosis (ECNM): 10-year jubilee, update, and future perspectives. Wiener klinische Wochenschrift, 124 (23-24). pp. 807-814.

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