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Benjamin, Don and Colombi, Marco and Hindupur, Sravanth K. and Betz, Charles and Lane, Heidi A. and El-Shemerly, Mahmoud Y. M. and Lu, Min and Quagliata, Luca and Terracciano, Luigi and Moes, Suzette and Sharpe, Timothy and Wodnar-Filipowicz, Aleksandra and Moroni, Christoph and Hall, Michael N.. (2016) Syrosingopine sensitizes cancer cells to killing by metformin. Science Advances, 2 (12). e1601756.


Himmelreich, Heike and Mathys, Arina and Wodnar-Filipowicz, Aleksandra and Kalberer, Christian P.. (2011) Post-transcriptional regulation of ULBP1 ligand for the activating immunoreceptor NKG2D involves 3' untranslated region. Human immunology, Vol. 72, H. 6. pp. 470-478.


Kenins, Linda and Gill, Jason W. and Holländer, Georg A. and Wodnar-Filipowicz, Aleksandra. (2010) Flt3 ligand-receptor interaction is important for maintenance of early thymic progenitor numbers in steady-state thymopoiesis. European Journal of Immunology, Vol. 40, H. 1. pp. 81-90.

Siegler, Uwe and Meyer-Monard, Sandrine and Jörger, Simon and Stern, Martin and Tichelli, André and Gratwohl, Alois and Wodnar-Filipowicz, Aleksandra and Kalberer, Christian P.. (2010) Good manufacturing practice-compliant cell sorting and large-scale expansion of single KIR-positive alloreactive human natural killer cells for multiple infusions to leukemia patients. Cytotherapy, Vol. 12, H. 6. pp. 750-763.


Langenkamp, Ulrich and Siegler, Uwe and Jörger, Simon and Diermayr, Stefan and Gratwohl, Alois and Kalberer, Christian P. and Wodnar-Filipowicz, Aleksandra. (2009) Human acute myeloid leukemia CD34+CD38- stem cells are susceptible to allorecognition and lysis by single KIR-expressing natural killer cells. Haematologica : journal of hematology, Vol. 94. pp. 1590-1594.


Gratwohl, Alois and Wodnar-Filipowicz, Aleksandra. (2008) A freeway to stem cells? Blood, 112 (4). pp. 923-924.

Bridenbaugh, Stephanie and Kenins, Linda and Bouliong-Pillai, Emilie and Kalberer, Christian P. and Shklovskaya, Elena and Gratwohl, Alois and Wodnar-Filipowicz, Aleksandra. (2008) Clinical stem-cell sources contain CD8+CD3+ T-cell receptor-negative cells that facilitate bone marrow repopulation with hematopoietic stem cells. Blood, 111 (3). pp. 1735-1738.

Diermayr, Stefan and Himmelreich, Heike and Durovic, Bojana and Mathys-Schneeberger, Arina and Siegler, Uwe and Langenkamp, Ulrich and Hofsteenge, Jan and Gratwohl, Alois and Tichelli, André and Paluszewska, Monika and Wiktor-Jedrzejczak, Wieslaw and Kalberer, Christian P. and Wodnar-Filipowicz, Aleksandra. (2008) NKG2D ligand expression in AML increases in response to HDAC inhibitor valproic acid and contributes to allorecognition by NK-cell lines with single KIR-HLA class I specificities. Blood, 111 (3). pp. 1428-1436.

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