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Boland, A. and Sory, M. P. and Iriarte, M. and Kerbourch, C. and Wattiau, P. and Cornelis, G. R.. (1996) Status of YopM and YopN in the Yersinia Yop virulon : YopM of Y.enterocolitica is internalized inside the cytosol of PU5-1.8 macrophages by the YopB, D, N delivery apparatus. The EMBO journal, Vol. 15, H. 19. pp. 5191-5201.


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Cornelis, G. R. and Wattiau, P.. (1994) La söcrétion des protéines Yop chez les Yersinia : un exemple de sécrétion de classe III. In: Trafic des protéines chez les microorganismes. Paris, pp. 73-76.

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