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Lotay, G. and Gillespie, S. A. and Williams, M. and Rauscher, T. and Alcorta, M. and Amthor, A. M. and Andreoiu, C. A. and Baal, D. and Ball, G. C. and Bhattacharjee, S. S. and Behnamian, H. and Bildstein, V. and Burbadge, C. and Catford, W. N. and Doherty, D. T. and Esker, N. E. and Garcia, F. H. and Garnsworthy, A. B. and Hackman, G. and Hallam, S. and Hudson, K. A. and Jazrawi, S. and Kasanda, E. and Kennington, A. R. L. and Kim, Y. H. and Lennarz, A. and Lubna, R. S. and Natzke, C. R. and Nishimura, N. and Olaizola, B. and Paxman, C. and Psaltis, A. and Svensson, C. E. and Williams, J. and Wallis, B. and Yates, D. and Walter, D. and Davids, B.. (2021) First Direct Measurement of an Astrophysical p-Process Reaction Cross Section Using a Radioactive Ion Beam. Physical Review Letters, 127 (11). p. 112701.


Dietz, F. and Metag, V. and Anisovich, A. V. and Bacelar, J. C. S. and Bantes, B. and Bartholomy, O. and Bayadilov, D. E. and Beck, R. and Belogazov, Y. A. and Castelijns, R. and Crede, V. and Dutz, H. and Elsner, D. and Ewald, R. and Frommberger, F. and Funke, C. and Gothe, R. and Gregor, R. and Gridnev, A. B. and Gutz, E. and Hillert, W. and Hoeffgren, S. and Hoffmeister, P. and Horn, I. and Jaegle, I. and Junkersfeld, J. and Kalinowsky, H. and Kammer, S. and Kleber, V. and Klein, Frank and Klein, Friedrich and Klempt, E. and Konrad, M. and Kotulla, M. and Krusche, B. and Lang, M. and Lohner, H. and Lopatin, I. V. and Lugert, S. and Menze, D. and Mertens, T. and Messchendorp, J. G. and Nikonov, V. A. and Nanova, M. and Novinski, D. V. and Novotny, R. and Ostrick, M. and Pant, L. M. and van Pee, H. and Pfeiffer, M. and Rostomyan, T. and Roy, A. and Schadmand, S. and Schmidt, C. and Schmieden, H. and Schoch, B. and Shende, S. V. and Shklyar, V. and Suele, A. and Sumachev, V. V. and Szczepanek, T. and Thoma, U. and Trnka, D. and Varma, R. and Walter, D. and Wendel, C. and Wilson, A.. (2015) Photoproduction of omega mesons off protons and neutrons. The European physical journal A , 51 (1). p. 6.


Owsianowski, E. and Walter, D. and Fahrenkrog, B.. (2008) Negative regulation of apoptosis in yeast. Biochimica et biophysica acta, Vol. 1783, H. 7. pp. 1303-1310.


Walter, D. and Wissing, S. and Madeo, F. and Fahrenkrog, B.. (2006) The inhibitor-of-apoptosis protein Bir1p protects against apoptosis in S. cerevisiae and is a substrate for the yeast homologue of Omi/HtrA2. Journal of cell science, Vol. 119, H. 9. pp. 1843-1851.

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