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Kammermeier, L. and Leemans, R. and Hirth, F. and Flister, S. and Wenger, U. and Walldorf, U. and Gehring, W. J. and Reichert, H.. (2001) Differential expression and function of the Drosophila Pax6 genes eyeless and twin of eyeless in embryonic central nervous system development. Mechanisms of Development, Vol. 103, H. 1/2. pp. 71-78.

Hartmann, B. and Reichert, H. and Walldorf, U.. (2001) Interaction of gap genes in the Drosophila head : tailless regulates expression of empty spiracles in early embryonic patterning and brain development. Mechanisms of Development, Vol. 109, H. 2. pp. 161-172.


Hartmann, B. and Hirth, F. and Walldorf, U. and Reichert, H.. (2000) Expression, regulation and function of the homeobox gene empty spiracles in brain and ventral nerve cord development of Drosophila. Mechanisms of Development, Vol. 90, H. 2. pp. 143-153.


Halder, G. and Callaerts, P. and Flister, S. and Walldorf, U. and Kloter, U. and Gehring, W. J.. (1998) Eyeless initiates the expression of both sine oculis and eyes absent during Drosophila compound eye development. Development, Vol. 125, H. 12. pp. 2181-2191.


Affolter, M. and Montagne, J. and Walldorf, U. and Groppe, J. and Kloter, U. and LaRosa, M. and Gehring, W. J.. (1994) The Drosophila SRF homolog is expressed in a subset of tracheal cells and maps within a genomic region required for tracheal development. Development, Vol. 120, H. 4. pp. 743-753.


Affolter, M. and Walldorf, U. and Kloter, U. and Schier, A. F. and Gehring, W. J.. (1993) Regional repression of a Drosophila POU box gene in the endoderm involves inductive interactions between germ layers. Development, Vol. 117, H. 4. pp. 1199-1210.


Shepherd, J. C. and Walldorf, U. and Hug, P. and Gehring, W. J.. (1989) Fruit flies with additional expression of the elongation factor EF-1 alpha live longer. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Vol. 86, H. 19. pp. 7520-7521.

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