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Shrine, N. and Guyatt, A. L. and Erzurumluoglu, A. M. and Jackson, V. E. and Hobbs, B. D. and Melbourne, C. A. and Batini, C. and Fawcett, K. A. and Song, K. and Sakornsakolpat, P. and Li, X. and Boxall, R. and Reeve, N. F. and Obeidat, M. and Zhao, J. H. and Wielscher, M. and Understanding Society Scientific Group, and Weiss, S. and Kentistou, K. A. and Cook, J. P. and Sun, B. B. and Zhou, J. and Hui, J. and Karrasch, S. and Imboden, M. and Harris, S. E. and Marten, J. and Enroth, S. and Kerr, S. M. and Surakka, I. and Vitart, V. and Lehtimaki, T. and Allen, R. J. and Bakke, P. S. and Beaty, T. H. and Bleecker, E. R. and Bosse, Y. and Brandsma, C. A. and Chen, Z. and Crapo, J. D. and Danesh, J. and DeMeo, D. L. and Dudbridge, F. and Ewert, R. and Gieger, C. and Gulsvik, A. and Hansell, A. L. and Hao, K. and Hoffman, J. D. and Hokanson, J. E. and Homuth, G. and Joshi, P. K. and Joubert, P. and Langenberg, C. and Li, X. and Li, L. and Lin, K. and Lind, L. and Locantore, N. and Luan, J. and Mahajan, A. and Maranville, J. C. and Murray, A. and Nickle, D. C. and Packer, R. and Parker, M. M. and Paynton, M. L. and Porteous, D. J. and Prokopenko, D. and Qiao, D. and Rawal, R. and Runz, H. and Sayers, I. and Sin, D. D. and Smith, B. H. and Artigas, M. S. and Sparrow, D. and Tal-Singer, R. and Timmers, P. and Van den Berge, M. and Whittaker, J. C. and Woodruff, P. G. and Yerges-Armstrong, L. M. and Troyanskaya, O. G. and Raitakari, O. T. and Kahonen, M. and Polasek, O. and Gyllensten, U. and Rudan, I. and Deary, I. J. and Probst-Hensch, N. M. and Schulz, H. and James, A. L. and Wilson, J. F. and Stubbe, B. and Zeggini, E. and Jarvelin, M. R. and Wareham, N. and Silverman, E. K. and Hayward, C. and Morris, A. P. and Butterworth, A. S. and Scott, R. A. and Walters, R. G. and Meyers, D. A. and Cho, M. H. and Strachan, D. P. and Hall, I. P. and Tobin, M. D. and Wain, L. V.. (2019) Author correction : New genetic signals for lung function highlight pathways and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease associations across multiple ancestries. Nature genetics, 51. pp. 1067-1068.


Wilk, J. B. and Shrine, N. R. and Loehr, L. R. and Zhao, J. H. and Manichaikul, A. and Lopez, L. M. and Smith, A. V. and Heckbert, S. R. and Smolonska, J. and Tang, W. and Loth, D. W. and Curjuric, I. and Hui, J. and Cho, M. H. and Latourelle, J. C. and Henry, A. P. and Aldrich, M. and Bakke, P. and Beaty, T. H. and Bentley, A. R. and Borecki, I. B. and Brusselle, G. G. and Burkart, K. M. and Chen, T. H. and Couper, D. and Crapo, J. D. and Davies, G. and Dupuis, J. and Franceschini, N. and Gulsvik, A. and Hancock, D. B. and Harris, T. B. and Hofman, A. and Imboden, M. and James, A. L. and Khaw, K. T. and Lahousse, L. and Launer, L. J. and Litonjua, A. and Liu, Y. and Lohman, K. K. and Lomas, D. A. and Lumley, T. and Marciante, K. D. and McArdle, W. L. and Meibohm, B. and Morrison, A. C. and Musk, A. W. and Myers, R. H. and North, K. E. and Postma, D. S. and Psaty, B. M. and Rich, S. S. and Rivadeneira, F. and Rochat, T. and Rotter, J. I. and Soler, A. M. and Starr, J. M. and Uitterlinden, A. G. and Wareham, N. J. and Wijmenga, C. and Zanen, P. and Province, M. A. and Silverman, E. K. and Deary, I. J. and Palmer, L. J. and Cassano, P. A. and Gudnason, V. and Barr, R. G. and Loos, R. J. and Strachan, D. P. and London, S. J. and Boezen, H. M. and Probst-Hensch, N. and Gharib, S. A. and Hall, I. P. and O'Connor, G. T. and Tobin, M. D. and Stricker, B. H.. (2012) Genome-wide association studies identify CHRNA5/3 and HTR4 in the development of airflow obstruction. American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine, Vol. 186, H. 7. pp. 622-632.


Eisner, M. D. and Anthonisen, N. and Coultas, D. and K├╝nzli, N. and Perez-Padilla R., and Postma, D. and Romieu, I. and Silverman, E. K. and Balmes, J. R.. (2010) An official American Thoracic Society public policy statement: Novel risk factors and the global burden of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine, 182 (5). pp. 693-718.

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