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Villa, I. M. and Bucher, S. and Bousquet, R. and Kleinhanns, I. C. and Schmid, S. M.. (2014) Dating polygenic metamorphic assemblages along a transect across the Western Alps. Journal of Petrology, 55 (4). pp. 803-830.


Kounov, A. and Schmid, S. M.. (2013) Fission track constraints on the thermal and tectonic evolution of the Apuseni Mountains (Romania). International Journal of Earth Sciences, 102 (1). pp. 207-233.


Fügenschuh, B. and Mancktelow, N. S. and Schmid, S. M.. (2012) Comment on Rosenberg and Garcia: Estimating displacement along the Brenner Fault and orogen-parallel extension in the Eastern Alps. International Journal of Earth Sciences, 101 (5). pp. 1451-1455.

van Hinsbergen, D. and Schmid, S. M.. (2012) Map view restoration of Aegean–West Anatolian accretion and extension since the Eocene. Tectonics, Vol. 31 , TC5005.

Bousquet, R. and Oberhänsli, R. and Schmid, S. M. and Berger, A. and Wiederkehr, M. and Robert, Ch. and Möller, A. and Rosenberg, C. and Zeilinger, G. and Molli, G. and Koller, F.. (2012) Metamorphic framework of the Alps : Map 1 : 1 000 000. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Djeric, N. and Schmid, S. M. and Gerzina, N.. (2012) Middle Jurassic radiolarian assemblages from the sedimentary cover of the Adriatic margin (Zlatar Mountain, SW Serbia). Bulletin de la Société géologique de France, 183 (4). pp. 359-368.

Bousquet, R. and Schmid, S. M. and Zeilinger, G. and Oberhänsli, R. and Rosenberg, C. and Molli, G. and Robert, Ch. and Wiederkehr, M. and Rossi, P.. (2012) Tectonic framework of the Alps = Carte tectonique des Alpes. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Madritsch, H. and Fabbri, O. and Schmid, S. M.. (2011) La chaîne plissée du Jura: évidences morphologiques en faveur d’une activité post-pliocène et discussion du contexte géodynamique actuel. Géochronique, 117. pp. 41-44.

Schmid, S. M. and Pfefferkorn, C. and Myrick, M. E. and Viehl, C. T. and Obermann, E. and Schötzau, A. and Güth, U.. (2011) Prognosis of early-stage synchronous bilateral invasive breast cancer. European journal of surgical oncology, Vol. 37, H. 7. pp. 623-628.

Schmid, S. M. and Myrick, M. E. and Forrer, F. and Obermann, E. C. and Viehl, C. T. and Rochlitz, C. and Güth, U.. (2011) Sentinel lymph node biopsy in primary breast cancer : trust the radiolabeled colloid method and avoid unnecessary procedures. European journal of surgical oncology, Vol. 37, H. 3. pp. 211-216.


Handy, M. R. and Schmid, S. M. and Bousquet, R. and Kissling, E. and Bernoulli, D.. (2010) Reconciling plate-tectonic reconstructions of Alpine Tethys with he geological and geophysical record of spreading and subduction in the Alps. Earth-science reviews, Vol. 102, H. 3-4 , S. 121–158.


Groger, H. R. and Fuegenschuh, B. and Tischler, M. and Schmid, S. M. and Foeken, J. P. T.. (2008) Tertiary cooling and exhumation history in the Maramures area (internal eastern Carpathians, northern Romania) : thermochronology and structural data. Geological Society Special Publications, 298. pp. 169-195.

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