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January 2018

Melo, Esther and Oertle, Philipp and Trepp, Carolyn and Meistermann, Hélène and Burgoyne, Thomas and Sborgi, Lorenzo and Cabrera, Alvaro Cortes and Chen, Chia-Yi and Hoflack, Jean-Christophe and Kam-Thong, Tony and Schmucki, Roland and Badi, Laura and Flint, Nicholas and Ghiani, Zeynep Eren and Delobel, Fréderic and Stucki, Corinne and Gromo, Giulia and Einhaus, Alfred and Hornsperger, Benoit and Golling, Sabrina and Siebourg-Polster, Juliane and Gerber, Francoise and Bohrmann, Bernd and Futter, Clare and Dunkley, Tom and Hiller, Sebastian and Schilling, Oliver and Enzmann, Volker and Fauser, Sascha and Plodinec, Marija and Iacone, Roberto. (2018) HtrA1 Mediated Intracellular Effects on Tubulin Using a Polarized RPE Disease Model. EBioMedicine, 27. pp. 258-274.


Sborgi, Lorenzo and Ude, Johanna and Dick, Mathias S. and Vesin, Johnathan and Chambon, Marc and Turcatti, Gerardo and Broz, Petr and Hiller, Sebastian. (2018) Assay for high-throughput screening of inhibitors of the ASC-PYD inflammasome core filament. Cell Stress, 2 (4). pp. 82-90.

Mulvihill, Estefania and Sborgi, Lorenzo and Mari, Stefania A. and Pfreundschuh, Moritz and Hiller, Sebastian and Müller, Daniel J.. (2018) Mechanism of membrane pore formation by human gasdermin-D. The EMBO journal, 37 (14). e98321.

Heilig, Rosalie and Dick, Mathias S. and Sborgi, Lorenzo and Meunier, Etienne and Hiller, Sebastian and Broz, Petr. (2018) The Gasdermin-D pore acts as a conduit for IL-1β secretion in mice. European journal of immunology, 48 (4). pp. 584-592.

15 August 2016

Sborgi, Lorenzo and Rühl, Sebastian and Mulvihill, Estefania and Pipercevic, Joka and Heilig, Rosalie and Stahlberg, Henning and Farady, Christopher J. and Müller, Daniel J. and Broz, Petr and Hiller, Sebastian. (2016) GSDMD membrane pore formation constitutes the mechanism of pyroptotic cell death. The EMBO Journal, 35 (16). pp. 1766-1778.


Dick, Mathias S. and Sborgi, Lorenzo and Rühl, Sebastian and Hiller, Sebastian and Broz, Petr. (2016) ASC filament formation serves as a signal amplification mechanism for inflammasomes. Nature Communications, 7. p. 11929.

Zhong, Franklin L. and Mamaï, Ons and Sborgi, Lorenzo and Boussofara, Lobna and Hopkins, Richard and Robinson, Kim and Szeverényi, Ildikó and Takeichi, Takuya and Balaji, Reshmaa and Lau, Aristotle and Tye, Hazel and Roy, Keya and Bonnard, Carine and Ahl, Patricia J. and Jones, Leigh Ann and Baker, Paul and Lacina, Lukas and Otsuka, Atsushi and Fournie, Pierre R. and Malecaze, François and Lane, E. Birgitte and Akiyama, Masashi and Kabashima, Kenji and Connolly, John E. and Masters, Seth L. and Soler, Vincent J. and Omar, Salma Samir and McGrath, John A. and Nedelcu, Roxana and Gribaa, Moez and Denguezli, Mohamed and Saad, Ali and Hiller, Sebastian and Reversade, Bruno. (2016) Germline NLRP1 Mutations Cause Skin Inflammatory and Cancer Susceptibility Syndromes via Inflammasome Activation. Cell, 167 (1). pp. 187-202.e17.

Ravotti, Francesco and Sborgi, Lorenzo and Cadalbert, Riccardo and Huber, Matthias and Mazur, Adam and Broz, Petr and Hiller, Sebastian and Meier, Beat H. and Böckmann, Anja. (2016) Sequence-specific solid-state NMR assignments of the mouse ASC PYRIN domain in its filament form. Biomolecular NMR Assignments, 10 (1). pp. 107-115.

27 October 2015

Sborgi, Lorenzo and Ravotti, Francesco and Dandey, Venkata Prasad and Dick, Mathias S. and Mazur, Adam and Reckel, Sina and Chami, Mohamed and Scherer, Sebastian and Huber, Matthias and Böckmann, Anja and Egelman, Edward H. and Stahlberg, Henning and Broz, Petr and Meier, Beat H. and Hiller, Sebastian. (2015) Structure and assembly of the mouse ASC inflammasome by combined NMR spectroscopy and cryo-electron microscopy. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 112 (43). pp. 13237-13242.

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