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Casanova, Alain and Low, Shyan Huey and Québatte, Maxime and Sedzicki, Jaroslaw and Tschon, Therese and Ketterer, Maren and Smith, Kevin and Emmenlauer, Mario and Ben-Tekaya, Houchaima and Dehio, Christoph. (2019) A Role for the VPS Retromer in Brucella Intracellular Replication Revealed by Genomewide siRNA Screening. mSphere, 4 (3). e00380-19.

Harms, Alexander and Liesch, Marius and Körner, Jonas and Québatte, Maxime and Engel, Philipp and Dehio, Christoph. (2017) A bacterial toxin-antitoxin module is the origin of inter-bacterial and inter-kingdom effectors of Bartonella. PLoS Genetics, 13 (10). e1007077.

Omasits, Ulrich and Varadarajan, Adithi R. and Schmid, Michael and Goetze, Sandra and Melidis, Damianos and Bourqui, Marc and Nikolayeva, Olga and Québatte, Maxime and Patrignani, Andrea and Dehio, Christoph and Frey, Juerg E. and Robinson, Mark D. and Wollscheid, Bernd and Ahrens, Christian H.. (2017) An integrative strategy to identify the entire protein coding potential of prokaryotic genomes by proteogenomics. Genome Research, 27 (12). pp. 2083-2095.

Québatte, Maxime and Christen, Matthias and Harms, Alexander and Körner, Jonas and Christen, Beat and Dehio, Christoph. (2017) Gene Transfer Agent Promotes Evolvability within the Fittest Subpopulation of a Bacterial Pathogen. Cell Systems, 4 (6). pp. 611-621.e6.

Québatte, Maxime and Dehio, Christoph. (2017) Systems-level interference strategies to decipher host factors involved in bacterial pathogen interaction: from RNAi to CRISPRi. Current Opinion in Microbiology, 39. pp. 34-41.

Québatte, Maxime and Dick, Mathias S. and Kaever, Volkhard and Schmidt, Alexander and Dehio, Christoph. (2013) Dual input control : activation of the Bartonella henselae VirB/D4 type IV secretion system by the stringent sigma factor RpoH1 and the BatR/BatS two-component system. Molecular microbiology, Vol. 90, H. 4. pp. 756-775.


Québatte, Maxime. Uncovering the transcriptional control of "Bartonella henselae" host adaptation factors. 2014, Doctoral Thesis, University of Basel, Faculty of Science.

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