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Bocelli-Tyndall, C. and Trella, E. and Frachet, A. and Zajac, P. and Pfaff, D. and Geurts, J. and Heiler, S. and Barbero, A. and Mumme, M. and Resink, T. J. and Schaeren, S. and Spagnoli, G. C. and Tyndall, A.. (2015) FGF2 induces RANKL gene expression as well as IL1beta regulated MHC class II in human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal progenitor stromal cells. Annals of the rheumatic diseases, Vol. 74, H. 1. pp. 260-266.


Mele, V. and Muraro, M. G. and Calabrese, D. and Pfaff, D. and Amatruda, N. and Amicarella, F. and Kvinlaug, B. and Bocelli-Tyndall, C. and Martin, I. and Resink, T. J. and Heberer, M. and Oertli, D. and Terracciano, L. and Spagnoli, G. C. and Iezzi, G.. (2014) Mesenchymal stromal cells induce epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in human colorectal cancer cells through the expression of surface-bound TGF-beta. International journal of cancer, Vol. 134, H. 11. pp. 2583-2594.


Kyriakakis, E. and Maslova, K. and Frachet, A. and Ferri, N. and Contini, A. and Pfaff, D. and Erne, P. and Resink, T. J. and Philippova, M.. (2013) Cross-talk between EGFR and T-cadherin: EGFR activation promotes T-cadherin localization to intercellular contacts. Cellular signalling, Vol. 25, H. 5. pp. 1044-1053.

Philippova, M. and Pfaff, D. and Kyriakakis, E. and Buechner, S. A. and Iezzi, G. and Spagnoli, G. C. and Schoenenberger, A. W. and Erne, P. and Resink, T. J.. (2013) T-cadherin loss promotes experimental metastasis of squamous cell carcinoma. European journal of cancer, Vol. 49, H. 8. pp. 2048-2058.


Kyriakakis, E. and Cavallari, M. and Pfaff, D. and Fabbro, D. and Mestan, J. and Philippova, M. and De Libero, G. and Erne, P. and Resink, T. J.. (2011) IL-8-mediated angiogenic responses of endothelial cells to lipid antigen activation of iNKT cells depend on EGFR transactivation. Journal of leukocyte biology, Vol. 90, no. 5. pp. 929-939.


Pfaff, D. and Philippova, M. and Buechner, S. A. and Maslova, K. and Mathys, T. and Erne, P. and Resink, T. J.. (2010) T-cadherin loss induces an invasive phenotype in human keratinocytes and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) cells in vitro and is associated with malignant transformation of cutaneous SCC in vivo. British journal of dermatology, Vol. 163, H. 2. pp. 353-363.

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