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Manegold, Gwendolin and Meyer-Monard, Sandrine and Tichelli, André and Granado, Christina and Hösli, Irene and Troeger, Carolyn. (2011) Controversies in hybrid banking : attitudes of Swiss public umbilical cord blood donors toward private and public banking. Archives of gynecology and obstetrics, Vol. 284, No. 1. pp. 99-104.

Mueller, Regula J. and Stussi, Georg and Puga Yung, Gisella and Nikolic, Milica and Soldini, Davide and Halter, Jörg and Meyer-Monard, Sandrine and Gratwohl, Alois and Passweg, Jakob R. and Odermatt, Bernhard and Schanz, Urs and Biedermann, Barbara C. and Seebach, Jörg D.. (2011) Persistence of recipient-type endothelium after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. Haematologica, Vol. 96, H. 1. pp. 119-127.


Siegler, Uwe and Meyer-Monard, Sandrine and Jörger, Simon and Stern, Martin and Tichelli, André and Gratwohl, Alois and Wodnar-Filipowicz, Aleksandra and Kalberer, Christian P.. (2010) Good manufacturing practice-compliant cell sorting and large-scale expansion of single KIR-positive alloreactive human natural killer cells for multiple infusions to leukemia patients. Cytotherapy, Vol. 12, H. 6. pp. 750-763.

Adès, Lionel and Guerci, Agnes and Raffoux, Emmanuel and Sanz, Miguel and Chevallier, Patrice and Lapusan, Simona and Recher, Christian and Thomas, Xavier and Rayon, Consuelo and Castaigne, Sylvie and Tournilhac, Olivier and de Botton, Stephane and Ifrah, Norbert and Cahn, Jean-Yves and Solary, Eric and Gardin, Claude and Fegeux, Nathalie and Bordessoule, Dominique and Ferrant, Augustin and Meyer-Monard, Sandrine and Vey, Norbert and Dombret, Herve and Degos, Laurent and Chevret, Sylvie and Fenaux, Pierre and European APL Group, . (2010) Very long-term outcome of acute promyelocytic leukemia after treatment with all-trans retinoic acid and chemotherapy : the European APL Group experience. Blood, Vol. 115, H. 9. pp. 1690-1696.


Stalder, Magnus P. and Rovó, Alicia and Halter, Jörg and Heim, Dominik and Silzle, Tobias and Passweg, Jakob and Rischewski, Johannes and Stern, Martin and Arber, Caroline and Buser, Andreas and Meyer-Monard, Sandrine and Tichelli, André and Gratwohl, Alois. (2009) Aplastic anemia and concomitant autoimmune diseases. Annals of hematology : organ of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hämatologie und Onkologie, Gesellschaft für Thrombose- und Hämostaseforschung, Österreichische Gesellschaft für Hämatologie und Onkologie, Vol. 88. pp. 659-665.

Meyer-Monard, Sandrine and Passweg, Jakob and Siegler, Uwe and Kalberer, Christian and Koehl, Ulrike and Rovó, Alicia and Halter, Jörg and Stern, Martin and Heim, Dominik and Gratwohl, Alois and Rischewski, Johannes and Tichelli, André. (2009) Clinical-grade purification of natural killer cells in haploidentical hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. Transfusion : official journal of the American Association of Blood Banks, Vol. 49. pp. 362-371.

Kelaidi, Charikleia and Chevret, Sylvie and De Botton, Stéphane and Raffoux, Emmanuel and Guerci, Agnès and Thomas, Xavier and Pigneux, Arnaud and Lamy, Thierry and Rigal-Huguet, Françoise and Meyer-Monard, Sandrine and Chevallier, Patrice and Maloisel, Frédéric and Deconinck, Erick and Ferrant, Augustin and Fegueux, Nathalie and Ifrah, Norbert and Sanz, Miguel and Dombret, Hervé and Fenaux, Pierre and Adès, Lionel. (2009) Improved outcome of acute promyelocytic leukemia with high WBC counts over the last 15 years : the European APL Group experience. Journal of clinical oncology : official journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, Vol. 27. pp. 2668-2676.

Zenhäusern, Reinhard and Von Rohr, Albert and Rufibach, Kaspar and Solenthaler, Max and Meyer-Monard, Sandrine and Gratwohl, Alois and Hess, Urs and Bargetzi, Mario J. and Kovacsovics, Tibor and Leoncini, Leda and Tobler, Andreas and Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research Coordinating Center, . (2009) Low dose 2-chlorodeoxyadenosine given as a single subcutaneous injection in patients with hairy cell leukemia: a multicentre trial SAKK 32/95. Leukemia & lymphoma, 50 (1). pp. 133-136.


Kohlmann, Alexander and Haschke-Becher, Elisabeth and Wimmer, Barbara and Huber-Wechselberger, Ariana and Meyer-Monard, Sandrine and Huxol, Heike and Siegler, Uwe and Rossier, Michel and Matthes, Thomas and Rebsamen, Michela and Chiappe, Alberto and Diemand, Adeline and Rauhut, Sonja and Johnson, Andrea and Liu, Wei-Min and Williams, P. Mickey and Wieczorek, Lothar and Haferlach, Torsten. (2008) Intraplatform reproducibility and technical precision of gene expression profiling in 4 laboratories investigating 160 leukemia samples: the DACH study. Clinical chemistry, 54 (10). pp. 1705-1715.

Adès, Lionel and Sanz, Miguel A. and Chevret, Sylvie and Montesinos, Pau and Chevallier, Patrice and Raffoux, Emmanuel and Vellenga, Edo and Guerci, Agnès and Pigneux, Arnaud and Huguet, Francoise and Rayon, Consuelo and Stoppa, Anne Marie and de la Serna, Javier and Cahn, Jean-Yves and Meyer-Monard, Sandrine and Pabst, Thomas and Thomas, Xavier and de Botton, Stéphane and Parody, Ricardo and Bergua, Juan and Lamy, Thierry and Vekhoff, Anne and Negri, Silvia and Ifrah, Norbert and Dombret, Hervé and Ferrant, Augustin and Bron, Dominique and Degos, Laurent and Fenaux, Pierre. (2008) Treatment of newly diagnosed acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL): a comparison of French-Belgian-Swiss and PETHEMA results. Blood, 111 (3). pp. 1078-1084.

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