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Pawlak, Rémy and Vilhena, J. G. and D'Astolfo, Philipp and Liu, Xunshan and Prampolini, Giacomo and Meier, Tobias and Glatzel, Thilo and Lemkul, Justin A. and Häner, Robert and Decurtins, Silvio and Baratoff, Alexis and Pérez, Rubén and Liu, Shi-Xia and Meyer, Ernst. (2019) Sequential Bending and Twisting around C-C Single Bonds by Mechanical Lifting of a Pre-Adsorbed Polymer. Nano Letters, 20 (1). pp. 652-657.

Hinaut, Antoine and Meier, Tobias and Pawlak, Remy and Feund, Sara and Johr, Res and Kawai, Shigeki and Glatzel, Thilo and Decurtins, Silvio and Muellen, Klaus and Narita, Akimitsu and Liu, Shi-Xia and Meyer, Ernst. (2018) Electrospray deposition of structurally complex molecules revealed by atomic force microscopy. Nanoscale, 10 (3). pp. 1337-1344.

Meier, Tobias and Pawlak, Remy and Kawai, Shigeki and Geng, Yan and Liu, Xunshan and Decurtins, Silvio and Hapala, Prokop and Baratoff, Alexis and Liu, Shi-Xia and Jelinek, Pavel and Meyer, Ernst and Glatzel, Thilo. (2017) Donor-Acceptor Properties of a Single-Molecule Altered by On-Surface Complex Formation. ACS Nano, 11 (8). pp. 8413-8420.

Johr, Res and Hinaut, Antoine and Pawlak, Remy and Zajac, Lukasz and Olszowski, Piotr and Such, Bartosz and Glatzel, Thilo and Zhang, Jun and Muntwiler, Matthias and Bergkamp, Jesse J. and Mateo, Luis-Manuel and Decurtins, Silvio and Liu, Shi-Xia and Meyer, Ernst. (2017) Thermally induced anchoring of a zinc-carboxyphenylporphyrin on rutile TiO2 (110). Journal of Chemical Physics, 146 (18). p. 184704.

Freund, Sara and Hinaut, Antoine and Pawlak, Remy and Liu, Shi-Xia and Decurtins, Silvio and Meyer, Ernst and Glatzel, Thilo. (2016) Morphology Change of C-60 Islands on Organic Crystals Observed by Atomic Force Microscopy. ACS Nano, 10 (6). pp. 5782-5788.

Wäckerlin, Christian and Nowakowski, Jan and Liu, Shi-Xia and Jaggi, Michael and Siewert, Dorota and Girovsky, Jan and Shchyrba, Aneliia and Hählen, Tatjana and Kleibert, Armin and Oppeneer, Peter M. and Nolting, Frithjof and Decurtins, Silvio and Jung, Thomas A. and Ballav, Nirmalya. (2013) Two-Dimensional Supramolecular Electron Spin Arrays. Advanced Materials , 25 (17). pp. 2404-2408.

Fessler, Gregor and Zimmermann, Iwan and Glatzel, Thilo and Gnecco, Enrico and Steiner, Pascal and Roth, Raphael and Keene, Tony D. and Liu, Shi-Xia and Decurtins, Silvio and Meyer, Ernst. (2011) Orientation dependent molecular friction on organic layer compound crystals. Applied physics letters, Vol. 98, H. 8 , 083119.

Li, Hui and Jiang, Peng and Yi, Chenyi and Li, Chen and Liu, Shi-Xia and Tan, Songting and Zhao, Bin and Braun, Jörg and Meier, Wolfgang and Wandlowski, Thomas and Decurtins, Silvio. (2010) Benzodifuran-Based ?-Conjugated Copolymers for Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells. Macromolecules, Vol. 43, H. 19. pp. 8058-8062.

Liao, Jianhui and Agustsson, Jon S. and Wu, Songmei and Schoenenberger, Christian and Mayor, Marcel and Jeannin, Olivier and Calame, Michel and Leroux, Yann and Ran, Ying-Fen and Liu, Shi-Xia and Decurtins, Silvio . (2010) Cyclic Conductance Switching in Networks of Redox-Active Molecular Junctions. Nano Letters, 10 (3). pp. 759-764.

Delahaye, Sandra and Loosli, Claudia and Liu, Shi-Xia and Decurtins, Silvio and Labat, Gael and Neels, Antonia and Loosli, Andreas and Ward, Thomas R. and Hauser, Andreas. (2006) Inter- and Intramolecular Interactions in Some Supramolecular Photochemical Systems. Advanced Functional Materials, 16 (2). pp. 286-295.

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