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Verheyen, Erik and Abila, R. and Akoll, P. and Albertson, C. and Antunes, D. and Banda, T. and Bills, R. and Bulirani, A. and Manda, A. Chocha and Cohen, A. S. and Cunha-Saraiva, F. and Derycke, S. and Donohue, I. and Du, M. and Dudu, A. M. and Egger, B. and Fritzsche, K. and Frommen, J. G. and Gante, H. F. and Genner, M. J. and Haerer, A. and Hata, H. and Irvine, K. and Mwapu, P. Isumbisho and de Bisthoven, L. Janssens and Jungwirth, A. and Kaleme, P. and Katongo, C. and Kever, L. and Koblmueller, S. and Konings, A. and Lamboj, A. and Lemmel-Schaedelin, F. and Schiaffino, G. Machado and Martens, K. and Mulungula, P. Masilya and Meyer, A. and More, H. L. and Musilova, Z. and Bukinga, F. Muterezi and Muzumani, R. and Ntakimazi, G. and Okello, W. and Phiri, H. and Pialek, L. and Plisnier, P. D. and Raeymaekers, J. A. M. and Rajkov, J. and Rican, O. and Roberts, R. and Salzburger, W. and Schoen, I. and Sefc, K. M. and Singh, P. and Skelton, P. and Snoeks, J. and Schneider, K. and Sturmbauer, C. and Svardal, H. and Svensson, O. and Dowdall, J. Torres and Turner, G. F. and Tyers, A. and van Rijssel, J. C. and Van Steenberge, M. and Vanhove, M. P. M. and Verheyen, E. and Weber, A. -T. and Weyl, O. and Ziegelbecker, A. and Zimmermann, H.. (2016) Oil extraction imperils Africa`s Great Lakes. Science, 354 (6312). pp. 561-562.


Kawaji, H. and Severin, J. and Lizio, M. and Forrest, A. R. and van Nimwegen, E. and Rehli, M. and Schroder, K. and Irvine, K. and Suzuki, H. and Carninci, P. and Hayashizaki, Y. and Daub, C. O.. (2011) Update of the FANTOM web resource : from mammalian transcriptional landscape to its dynamic regulation. Nucleic Acids Research, 39 (1 Supplement). D856-D860.

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