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Romette, J. L. and Prat, C. M. and Gould, E. A. and de Lamballerie, X. and Charrel, R. and Coutard, B. and Fooks, A. R. and Bardsley, M. and Carroll, M. and Drosten, C. and Drexler, J. F. and G√ľnther, S. and Klempa, B. and Pinschewer, D. and Klimkait, T. and Avsic-Zupanc, T. and Capobianchi, M. R. and Dicaro, A. and Ippolito, G. and Nitsche, A. and Koopmans, M. and Reusken, C. and Gorbalenya, A. and Raoul, H. and Bourhy, H. and Mettenleiter, T. and Reiche, S. and Batten, C. and Sabeta, C. and Paweska, J. T. and Eropkin, M. and Zverev, V. and Hu, Z. and Mac Cullough, S. and Mirazimi, A. and Pradel, F. and Lieutaud, P.. (2018) The European Virus Archive goes global: A growing resource for research. Antiviral Research, 158. pp. 127-134.

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Gould, E. A. and de Lamballerie, X. and Coutard, B. and Fooks, A. R. and Outlaw, M. and Drosten, C. and Guenther, S. and Klempa, B. and Pinschewer, D. and Avsic-Zupanc, T. and Sabeta, C. and Lukashev, A. and Eropkin, M. and Koslov, A. and Zverev, V. and Lvov, D. and Zhebrun, A. and Shipulin, G. and Niedrig, M. and Gao Fu, G. and Dong Liang, G. and Ippolito, G. and Koray, E. and Romette, J. L.. (2012) The European Virus Archive: a new resource for virology research. Antiviral Research, 95 (2). pp. 167-171.

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