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Suzuki, H. and Forrest, A. R. and van Nimwegen, E. and Daub, C. O. and Balwierz, P. J. and Irvine, K. M. and Lassmann, T. and Ravasi, T. and Hasegawa, Y. and de Hoon, M. J. and Katayama, S. and Schroder, K. and Carninci, P. and Tomaru, Y. and Kanamori-Katayama, M. and Kubosaki, A. and Akalin, A. and Ando, Y. and Arner, E. and Asada, M. and Asahara, H. and Bailey, T. and Bajic, V. B. and Bauer, D. and Beckhouse, A. G. and Bertin, N. and Bjorkegren, J. and Brombacher, F. and Bulger, E. and Chalk, A. M. and Chiba, J. and Cloonan, N. and Dawe, A. and Dostie, J. and Engstrom, P. G. and Essack, M. and Faulkner, G. J. and Fink, J. L. and Fredman, D. and Fujimori, K. and Furuno, M. and Gojobori, T. and Gough, J. and Grimmond, S. M. and Gustafsson, M. and Hashimoto, M. and Hashimoto, T. and Hatakeyama, M. and Heinzel, S. and Hide, W. and Hofmann, O. and Hornquist, M. and Huminiecki, L. and Ikeo, K. and Imamoto, N. and Inoue, S. and Inoue, Y. and Ishihara, R. and Iwayanagi, T. and Jacobsen, A. and Kaur, M. and Kawaji, H. and Kerr, M. C. and Kimura, R. and Kimura, S. and Kimura, Y. and Kitano, H. and Koga, H. and Kojima, T. and Kondo, S. and Konno, T. and Krogh, A. and Kruger, A. and Kumar, A. and Lenhard, B. and Lennartsson, A. and Lindow, M. and Lizio, M. and Macpherson, C. and Maeda, N. and Maher, C. A. and Maqungo, M. and Mar, J. and Matigian, N. A. and Matsuda, H. and Mattick, J. S. and Meier, S. and Miyamoto, S. and Miyamoto-Sato, E. and Nakabayashi, K. and Nakachi, Y. and Nakano, M. and Nygaard, S. and Okayama, T. and Okazaki, Y. and Okuda-Yabukami, H. and Orlando, V. and Otomo, J. and Pachkov, M. and Petrovsky, N. and Plessy, C. and Quackenbush, J. and Radovanovic, A. and Rehli, M. and Saito, R. and Sandelin, A. and Schmeier, S. and Schonbach, C. and Schwartz, A. S. and Semple, C. A. and Sera, M. and Severin, J. and Shirahige, K. and Simons, C. and St Laurent, G. and Suzuki, M. and Suzuki, T. and Sweet, M. J. and Taft, R. J. and Takeda, S. and Takenaka, Y. and Tan, K. and Taylor, M. S. and Teasdale, R. D. and Tegner, J. and Teichmann, S. and Valen, E. and Wahlestedt, C. and Waki, K. and Waterhouse, A. and Wells, C. A. and Winther, O. and Wu, L. and Yamaguchi, K. and Yanagawa, H. and Yasuda, J. and Zavolan, M. and Hume, D. A. and Arakawa, T. and Fukuda, S. and Imamura, K. and Kai, C. and Kaiho, A. and Kawashima, T. and Kawazu, C. and Kitazume, Y. and Kojima, M. and Miura, H. and Murakami, K. and Murata, M. and Ninomiya, N. and Nishiyori, H. and Noma, S. and Ogawa, C. and Sano, T. and Simon, C. and Tagami, M. and Takahashi, Y. and Kawai, J. and Hayashizaki, Y.. (2009) The transcriptional network that controls growth arrest and differentiation in a human myeloid leukemia cell line. Nature genetics, Vol. 41, H. 5. pp. 553-562.


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Gehring, W. J. and Ikeo, K.. (1999) Pax 6 : mastering eye morphogenesis and eye evolution. Trends in genetics, Vol. 15, H. 9. pp. 371-377.

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