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Shui, G. and Bendt, A. K. and Jappar, I. A. and Lim, H. M. and Laneelle, M. and Herve, M. and Via, L. E. and Chua, G. H. and Bratschi, M. W. and Rahim, S. Z. and Michelle, A. L. and Hwang, S. H. and Lee, J. S. and Eum, S. Y. and Kwak, H. K. and Daffe, M. and Dartois, V. and Michel, G. and Barry, Ceiii and Wenk, M. R.. (2012) Mycolic acids as diagnostic markers for tuberculosis case detection in humans and drug efficacy in mice. EMBO molecular medicine, Vol. 4, H. 1. pp. 27-37.


Wu, T. and Nagle, A. and Kuhen, K. and Gagaring, K. and Borboa, R. and Francek, C. and Chen, Z. and Plouffe, D. and Goh, A. and Lakshminarayana, S. B. and Wu, J. and Ang, H. Q. and Zeng, P. and Kang, M. L. and Tan, W. and Tan, M. and Ye, N. and Lin, X. and Caldwell, C. and Ek, J. and Skolnik, S. and Liu, F. and Wang, J. and Chang, J. and Li, C. and Hollenbeck, T. and Tuntland, T. and Isbell, J. and Fischli, C. and Brun, R. and Rottmann, M. and Dartois, V. and Keller, T. and Diagana, T. and Winzeler, E. and Glynne, R. and Tully, D. C. and Chatterjee, A. K.. (2011) Imidazolopiperazines: hit to lead optimization of new antimalarial agents. Journal of medicinal chemistry, 54 (14). pp. 5116-5130.


Nzila, A. and Rottmann, M. and Chitnumsub, P. and Kiara, S. M. and Kamchonwongpaisan, S. and Maneeruttanarungroj, C. and Taweechai, S. and Yeung, B. K. and Goh, A. and Lakshminarayana, S. B. and Zou, B. and Wong, J. and Ma, N. L. and Weaver, M. and Keller, T. H. and Dartois, V. and Wittlin, S. and Brun, R. and Yuthavong, Y. and Diagana, T. T.. (2010) Preclinical evaluation of the antifolate QN254, 5-chloro- N'6'-(2,5-dimethoxy-benzyl)-quinazoline-2,4,6-triamine, as an antimalarial drug candidate. Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy : AAC, Vol. 54, H. 6. pp. 2603-2610.

Rottmann, M. and McNamara, C. and Yeung, B. K. and Lee, M. C. and Zou, B. and Russell, B. and Seitz, P. and Plouffe, D. M. and Dharia, N. V. and Tan, J. and Cohen, S. B. and Spencer, K. R. and Gonzalez-Paez G. E., and Lakshminarayana, S. B. and Goh, A. and Suwanarusk, R. and Jegla, T. and Schmitt, E. K. and Beck, H. P. and Brun, R. and Nosten, F. and Renia, L. and Dartois, V. and Keller, T. H. and Fidock, D. A. and Winzeler, E. A. and Diagana, T. T.. (2010) Spiroindolones, a potent compound class for the treatment of malaria. Science, Vol. 329, no. 5996. pp. 1175-1180.

Yeung, B. K. and Zou, B. and Rottmann, M. and Lakshminarayana, S. B. and Ang, S. H. and Leong, S. Y. and Tan, J. and Wong, J. and Keller-Maerki S., and Fischli, C. and Goh, A. and Schmitt, E. K. and Krastel, P. and Francotte, E. and Kuhen, K. and Plouffe, D. and Henson, K. and Wagner, T. and Winzeler, E. A. and Petersen, F. and Brun, R. and Dartois, V. and Diagana, T. T. and Keller, T. H.. (2010) Spirotetrahydro beta-carbolines (spiroindolones) : a new class of potent and orally efficacious compounds for the treatment of malaria. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 53 (14). pp. 5155-5164.

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