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Frantz, Laurent A. F. and Haile, James and Lin, Audrey T. and Scheu, Amelie and Geoerg, Christina and Benecke, Norbert and Alexander, Michelle and Linderholm, Anna and Mullin, Victoria E. and Daly, Kevin G. and Battista, Vincent M. and Price, Max and Gron, Kurt J. and Alexandri, Panoraia and Arbogast, Rose-Marie and Arbuckle, Benjamin and Balasescu, Adrian and Barnett, Ross and Bartosiewicz, Laszlo and Baryshnikov, Gennady and Bonsall, Clive and Boric, Dusan and Boroneant, Adina and Bulatovic, Jelena and Cakirlar, Canan and Carretero, Jose-Miguel and Chapman, John and Church, Mike and Crooijmans, Richard and De Cupere, Bea and Detry, Cleia and Dimitrijevic, Vesna and Dumitrascu, Valentin and du Plessis, Louis and Edwards, Ceiridwen J. and Erek, Cevdet Merih and Erim-Ozdogan, Asli and Ervynck, Anton and Fulgione, Domenico and Gligor, Mihai and Gotherstrom, Anders and Gourichon, Lionel and Groenen, Martien A. M. and Helmer, Daniel and Hongo, Hitomi and Horwitz, Liora K. and Irving-Pease, Evan K. and Lebrasseur, Ophelie and Lesur, Josephine and Malone, Caroline and Manaseryan, Ninna and Marciniak, Arkadiusz and Martlew, Holley and Mashkour, Marjan and Matthews, Roger and Matuzeviciute, Giedre Motuzaite and Maziar, Sepideh and Meijaard, Erik and McGovern, Tom and Megens, Hendrik-Jan and Miller, Rebecca and Mohaseb, Azadeh Fatemeh and Orschiedt, Joerg and Orton, David and Papathanasiou, Anastasia and Pearson, Mike Parker and Pinhasi, Ron and Radmanovic, Darko and Ricaut, Francois-Xavier and Richards, Mike and Sabin, Richard and Sarti, Lucia and Schier, Wolfram and Sheikhi, Shiva and Stephan, Elisabeth and Stewart, John R. and Stoddart, Simon and Tagliacozzo, Antonio and Tasic, Nenad and Trantalidou, Katerina and Tresset, Anne and Valdiosera, Cristina and van den Hurk, Youri and Van Poucke, Sophie and Vigne, Jean-Denis and Yanevich, Alexander and Zeeb-Lanz, Andrea and Triantafyllidis, Alexandros and Gilbert, M. Thomas P. and Schibler, Jorg and Rowley-Conwy, Peter and Zeder, Melinda and Peters, Joris and Cucchi, Thomas and Bradley, Daniel G. and Dobney, Keith and Burger, Joachim and Evin, Allowen and Girdland-Flink, Linus and Larson, Greger. (2019) Ancient pigs reveal a near-complete genomic turnover following their introduction to Europe. Proceedings of the national academy of sciences of the united states of America, 116 (35). pp. 17231-17238.


Mathieson, Iain and Alpaslan-Roodenberg, Songül and Posth, Cosimo and Szécsényi-Nagy, Anna and Rohland, Nadin and Mallick, Swapan and Olalde, Iñigo and Broomandkhoshbacht, Nasreen and Candilio, Francesca and Cheronet, Olivia and Fernandes, Daniel and Ferry, Matthew and Gamarra, Beatriz and Fortes, Gloria González and Haak, Wolfgang and Harney, Eadaoin and Jones, Eppie and Keating, Denise and Krause-Kyora, Ben and Kucukkalipci, Isil and Michel, Megan and Mittnik, Alissa and Nägele, Kathrin and Novak, Mario and Oppenheimer, Jonas and Patterson, Nick and Pfrengle, Saskia and Sirak, Kendra and Stewardson, Kristin and Vai, Stefania and Alexandrov, Stefan and Alt, Kurt W. and Andreescu, Radian and Antonovia, Dragana and Ash, Abigail and Atanassova, Nadezhda and Bacvarov, Krum and Gusztáv, Mende Balázs and Bocherens, Hervé and Bolus, Michael and BoroneanÅ£, Adina and Boyadzhiev, Yavor and Budnik, Alicja and Burmaz, Josip and Chohadzhiev, Stefan and Conard, Nicholas J. and Cottiaux, Richard and ÄŒuka, Maja and Cupillard, Christophe and Drucker, Dorothée G. and Elenski, Nedko and Francken, Michael and Galabova, Borislava and Ganetsovski, Georgi and Gély, Bernard and Hajdu, Tamás and Handzhyiska, Veneta and Harvati, Katerina and Higham, Thomas and Iliev, Stanislav and Janković, Ivor and Karavanić, Ivor and Kennett, Douglas J. and Komšo, Darko and Kozak, Alexandra and Labuda, Damian and Lari, Martina and Lazar, Catalin and Leppek, Maleen and Leshtakov, Krassimir and Vetro, Domenico Lo and Los, Dženi and Lozanov, Ivaylo and Malina, Maria and Martini, Fabio and McSweeney, Kath and Meller, Harald and MenÄ‘ušić, Marko and Mirea, Pavel and Moiseyev, Vyacheslav and Petrova, Vanya and Price, T. Douglas and Simalcsik, Angela and Sineo, Luca and Šlaus, Mario and Slavchev, Vladimir and Stanev, Petar and Starović, Andrej and Szeniczey, Tamás and Talamo, Sahra and Teschler-Nicola, Maria and Thevenet, Corinne and Valchev, Ivan and Valentin, Frédérique and Vasilyev, Sergey and Veljanovska, Fanica and Venelinova, Svetlana and Veselovskaya, Elizaveta and Viola, Bence and Virag, Cristian and Zaninović, Joško and Zäuner, Steve and Stockhammer, Philipp W. and Catalano, Giulio and Krauß, Raiko and Caramelli, David and Zariņa, Gunita and Gaydarska, Bisserka and Lillie, Malcolm and Nikitin, Alexey G. and Potekhina, Inna and Papathanasiou, Anastasia and Borić, Dušan and Bonsall, Clive and Krause, Johannes and Pinhasi, Ron and Reich, David. (2018) The genomic history of southeastern Europe. Nature, 555. pp. 197-203.

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