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Aubinet, M. and Feigenwinter, C. and Heinesch, B. and Bernhofer, C. and Canepa, E. and Lindroth, A. and Montagnani, L. and Rebmann, C. and Sedlak, P. and Van Gorsel, E.. (2010) Direct advection measurements do not help to solve the night-time CO2 closure problem : evidence from three different forests. Agricultural and forest meteorology, 150 (5). pp. 655-664.


Moderow, U. and Aubinet, M. and Feigenwinter, C. and Kolle, O. and Lindroth, A. and Mölder, M. and Montagnani, L. and Rebmann, C. and Bernhofer, C.. (2009) Available energy and energy balance closure at four coniferous forest sites across Europe. Theoretical and applied climatology, 98 (3/4). pp. 397-412.


Feigenwinter, C. and Bernhofer, C. and Eichelmann, U. and Heinesch, B. and Hertel, M. and Janous, D. and Kolle, O. and Lagergren, F. and Lindroth, A. and Minerbi, S. and Moderow, U. and Mölder, M. and Montagnani, L. and Queck, R. and Rebmann, C. and Vestin, P. and Yernaux, M. and Zeri, M. and Ziegler, W. and Aubinet, M.. (2008) Comparison of horizontal and vertical advective CO2 fluxes at three forest sites. Agricultural and forest meteorology, 148 (1). pp. 12-24.

Feigenwinter, C. and Bernhofer, C. and Kolle, O. and Lindroth, A. and Montagnani, L. and Aubinet, M.. (2008) Steering mechanisms of a persistent slope wind system on plot-scale vertical and horizontal transport of CO2 in and above an alpine forest. In: 18th Symposium on Boundary Layer and Turbulence, 2008. pp. 1-7.


Moderow, U. and Feigenwinter, C. and Bernhofer, C.. (2007) Estimating the components of the sensible heat budget of a tall forest canopy in complex terrain. Boundary-layer meteorology, 123. pp. 99-120.

Oncley, S. P. and Foken, T. and Vogt, R. and Kohsiek, W. and DeBruin, H. A. R. and Bernhofer, C. and Christen, A. and van Gorsel, E. and Grantz, D. and Feigenwinter, C. and Lehner, I. and Liebethal, C. and Liu, H. and Mauder, M. and Pitacco, A. and Ribeiro, L. and Weidinger, T.. (2007) The Energy Balance Experiment EBEX-2000 (Part 1: Overview and energy balance ; Part 2: Intercomparison of eddy-covariance sensors and post-field data processing methods ; Part 3: Behaviour and quality of the radiation measurements). Boundary-layer meteorology, Vol. 123 (2007) , S. 1-28 (Part 1) ; Vol. 123 (2007), S. 29-54 (Part 2) ; Vol. 123 (2007), S. 55-75 (Part 3).


Aubinet, M. and Berbigier, P. and Bernhofer, C. and Cescatti, A. and Feigenwinter, C. and Granier, A. and Grünwald, T. and Havrankova, K. and Heinesch, B. and Longdoz, B. and Marcolla, B. and Montagnani, L. and Sedlak, P.. (2005) Comparing CO2 storage and advection conditions at night at different carboeuroflux sites. Boundary-layer meteorology, 116. pp. 63-94.


Feigenwinter, C. and Bernhofer, C. and Vogt, R.. (2004) The influence of advection on the short term CO2 budget in and above a forest canopy. Boundary-layer meteorology, 113. pp. 201-224.

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