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Wang, Lujun and Zihlmann, Simon and Baumgartner, Andreas and Overbeck, Jan and Watanabe, Kenji and Taniguchi, Takashi and Makk, Peter and Schonenberger, Christian. (2019) In Situ Strain Tuning in hBN-Encapsulated Graphene Electronic Devices. Nano Letters, 19 (6). pp. 4097-4102.

Wang, Lujun and Zihlmann, Simon and Liu, Ming-Hao and Makk, Peter and Watanabe, Kenji and Taniguchi, Takashi and Baumgartner, Andreas and Schonenberger, Christian. (2019) New Generation of Moire Superlattices in Doubly Aligned hBN/Graphene/hBN Heterostructures. Nano Letters, 19 (4). pp. 2371-2376.

Junger, Christian and Baumgartner, Andreas and Delagrange, Raphaelle and Chevallier, Denis and Lehmann, Sebastian and Nilsson, Malin and Dick, Kimberly A. and Thelander, Claes and Schonenberger, Christian. (2019) Spectroscopy of the superconducting proximity effect in nanowires using integrated quantum dots. Communications physics, 2. p. 76.


Baumgartner, Andreas. (2018) 'Des Lebens Güter'. In: "Unser land"? Lesothos schweizerische Nationalhymne. Basel, pp. 44-53.

Baumgartner, Andreas. (2018) Patriotische Gefühle allerorts? Eine Melodie als Trägerin national-ideologischer Botschaften. In: "Unser Land"? Lesothos schweizerische Nationalhymne. Basel, pp. 128-139.


Baumgartner, Andreas. (2017) (Christian) Gottfried Wilhelm Fink. Harmonielehre. In: Lexikon Schriften über Musik, Band 1. Musiktheorie von der Antike bis zur Gegenwart. Stuttgart, pp. 144-146.

Gramich, Jörg and Baumgartner, Andreas and Schönenberger, Christian . (2017) Andreev bound states probed in three-terminal quantum dots. Physical review B: Condensed matter and materials physics, 96 (19). p. 195418.

Baumgartner, Andreas and Bargetzi, Annika and Zueger, Noemi and Bargetzi, Mario and Medinger, Michael and Bounoure, L. and Gomes, F. and Stanga, Zeno and Mueller, Beat and Schuetz, Philipp. (2017) Revisiting nutritional support for allogeneic hematologic stem cell transplantation-a systematic review. Bone Marrow Transplantation, 52 (4). pp. 506-513.


Baumgartner, Andreas and Gramich, Jörg and Schönenberger, Christian . (2016) Cooper-Paare tunneln durch einen Quantenpunkt. Physik in unserer Zeit, 46 (2). pp. 62-63.

Abulizi, Gulibusitan and Baumgartner, Andreas and Schönenberger, Christian. (2016) Full characterization of a carbon nanotube parallel double quantum dot. physica status solidi (b), 253 (12). pp. 2428-2432.


Wicki, Melanie and Auckenthaler, Adrian and Felleisen, Richard and Karabulut, Fatma and Niederhauser, Isabel and Tanner, Marcel and Baumgartner, Andreas. (2015) Assessment of source tracking methods for application in spring water. Journal of water and health, Vol. 13, H. 2. pp. 473-488.

Knoblauch, Astrid M. and Bratschi, Martin W. and Zuske, Meike K. and Althaus, Denise and Stephan, Roger and Hächler, Herbert and Baumgartner, Andreas and Prager, Rita and Rabsch, Wolfgang and Altpeter, Ekkehardt and Jost, Marianne and Mäusezahl, Mirjam and Hatz, Christoph and Kiefer, Sabine. (2015) Cross-border outbreak of Salmonella enterica ssp. enterica serovar Bovismorbificans : multiple approaches for an outbreak investigation in Germany and Switzerland. Swiss medical weekly, 145 , w14182.

Gramich, Joerg and Baumgartner, Andreas and Muoth, Matthias and Hierold, Christofer and Schoenenberger, Christian. (2015) Fork stamping of pristine carbon nanotubes onto ferromagnetic contacts for spin-valve devices. Physica status solidi (b), 252 (11). pp. 2496-2502.


Klobus, Waldemar and Grudka, Andrzej and Baumgartner, Andreas and Tomaszewski, Damian and Schönenberger, Christian and Martinek, Jan. (2014) Entanglement witnessing and quantum cryptography with nonideal ferromagnetic detectors. Physical Review B, 89 (12). p. 125404.

Baumgartner, Andreas. (2014) Süss und sauer. Über Avantgarde und Kitsch um 1920. Dissonance, 128 (4). pp. 21-27.


Jung, Minkyung and Schindele, Jens and Nau, Stefan and Weiss, Markus and Baumgartner, Andreas and Schönenberger, Christian. (2013) Ultraclean Single, Double, and Triple Carbon Nanotube Quantum Dots with Recessed Re Bottom Gates. Nano Letters, Vol. 13, H. 9 , S. 4522–4526.


Wicki, Melanie and Karabulut, Fatma and Auckenthaler, Adrian and Felleisen, Richard and Tanner, Marcel and Baumgartner, Andreas. (2011) Identification of fecal input sites in spring water by selection and genotyping of multiresistant Escherichia coli. Applied and environmental microbiology, 77 (23). pp. 8427-8433.

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