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Gray, Declan A. and White, Joshua B. R. and Oluwole, Abraham O. and Rath, Parthasarathi and Glenwright, Amy J. and Mazur, Adam and Zahn, Michael and Baslé, Arnaud and Morland, Carl and Evans, Sasha L. and Cartmell, Alan and Robinson, Carol V. and Hiller, Sebastian and Ranson, Neil A. and Bolam, David N. and van den Berg, Bert. (2021) Insights into SusCD-mediated glycan import by a prominent gut symbiont. Nature Communications, 12 (1). p. 44.

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Minasov, George and Padavattan, Sivaraman and Shuvalova, Ludmilla and Brunzelle, Joseph S. and Miller, Darcie J. and Baslé, Arnaud and Massa, Claudia and Collart, Frank R. and Schirmer, Tilman and Anderson, Wayne F.. (2009) Crystal Structures of YkuI and Its Complex with Second Messenger Cyclic Di-GMP Suggest Catalytic Mechanism of Phosphodiester Bond Cleavage by EAL Domains. Journal of biological chemistry, Vol. 284, H. 19. pp. 13174-13184.

Miedema, Henk and Vrouenraets, Maarten and Wierenga, Jenny and Eisenberg, Bob and Schirmer, Tilman and Baslé, Arnaud and Meijberg, Wim. (2006) Conductance and selectivity fluctuations in D127 mutants of the bacterial porin OmpF. European biophysics journal, Vol. 36, H. 1. pp. 13-22.

Baslé, Arnaud and Rummel, Gabriele and Storici, Paola and Rosenbusch, Juerg P. and Schirmer, Tilman. (2006) Crystal structure of osmoporin OmpC from E. coli at 2.0 A. Journal of molecular biology, Vol. 362, H. 5. pp. 933-942.

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