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Rieker, Claus and Dev, Kumlesh K. and Lehnhoff, Katja and Barbieri, Samuel and Ksiazek, Iwona and Kauffmann, Sabine and Danner, Simone and Schell, Heinrich and Boden, Cindy and Ruegg, Markus A. and Kahle, Philipp J. and van der Putten, Herman and Shimshek, Derya R.. (2011) Neuropathology in mice expressing mouse alpha-synuclein. PLoS ONE, Vol. 6, H. 9 , e24834.

Vigot, Réjan and Barbieri, Samuel and Bräuner-Osborne, Hans and Turecek, Rostislav and Shigemoto, Ryuichi and Zhang, Yan-Ping and Luján, Rafael and Jacobson, Laura H. and Biermann, Barbara and Fritschy, Jean-Marc and Vacher, Claire-Marie and Müller, Matthias and Sansig, Gilles and Guetg, Nicole and Cryan, John F. and Kaupmann, Klemens and Gassmann, Martin and Oertner, Thomas G. and Bettler, Bernhard. (2006) Differential compartmentalization and distinct functions of GABAB receptor variants. Neuron, Vol. 50, H. 4. pp. 589-601.

Shaban, Hamdy and Humeau, Yann and Herry, Cyril and Cassasus, Guillaume and Shigemoto, Ryuichi and Ciocchi, Stephane and Barbieri, Samuel and van der Putten, Herman and Kaupmann, Klemens and Bettler, Bernhard and Lüthi, Andreas. (2006) Generalization of amygdala LTP and conditioned fear in the absence of presynaptic inhibition. Nature neuroscience, Vol. 9, H. 8. pp. 1028-1035.

Haller, Corinne and Casanova, Emilio and Müller, Matthias and Vacher, Claire-Marie and Vigot, Rejan and Doll, Thierry and Barbieri, Samuel and Gassmann, Martin and Bettler, Bernhard. (2004) Floxed allele for conditional inactivation of the GABAB(1) gene. Genesis, Vol. 40, H. 3. pp. 125-130.

Gassmann, Martin and Shaban, Hamdy and Vigot, Réjan and Sansig, Gilles and Haller, Corinne and Barbieri, Samuel and Humeau, Yann and Schuler, Valérie and Müller, Matthias and Kinzel, Bernd and Klebs, Klaus and Schmutz, Markus and Froestl, Wolfgang and Heid, Jakob and Kelly, Peter H. and Gentry, Clive and Jaton, Anne-Lise and Van der Putten, Herman and Mombereau, Cédric and Lecourtier, Lucas and Mosbacher, Johannes and Cryan, John F. and Fritschy, Jean-Marc and Lüthi, Andreas and Kaupmann, Klemens and Bettler, Bernhard. (2004) Redistribution of GABAB(1) protein and atypical GABAB responses in GABAB(2)-deficient mice. Journal of neuroscience, Vol. 24, H. 27. pp. 6086-6097.

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