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Eugster, Werner and Baumgartner, Lukas P. and Bachmann, Olivier and Baltensperger, Urs and Dèzes, Pierre and Dubois, Nathalie and Foubert, Anneleen and Heitzler, Magnus and Henggeler, Katharina and Hetényi, György and Hurni, Lorenz and Müntener, Othmar and Nenes, Athanasios and Reymond, Caroline and Röösli, Claudia and Rothacher, Markus and Schaub, Marcus and Steinbacher, Martin and Vogel, Hendrik and Andres, Miriam and Anselmetti, Flavio and Asse, Daphné and Boivin, Pascal and Bonadonna, Costanza and Bouffard, Damien and Brockmann, Elmar and Burlando, Paolo and Caricchi, Luca and Chiaradia, Massimo and Farinotti, Daniel and Fierz, Charles and Gessler, Arthur and Giuliani, Gregory and Grand, Stéphanie and Grosjean, Martin and Guisan, Antoine and Hagedorn, Frank and Haslinger, Florian and Heiri, Oliver and Hermann, Jörg and Hernandez Almeida, Ivan and Hunkeler, Daniel and Ifejika Speranza, Chinwe and Iosifescu-Enescu, Ionuț and Jaccard, Samuel and Jäggi, Adrian and Kipfer, Rolf and Kouzmanov, Kalin and Leuenberger, Markus and Lever, Mark Alexander and Linde, Niklas and Lupi, Matteo and McKenzie, Judith Ann and Mestrot, Adrien and Moscariello, Andrea and Payne, Davnah and Quintal, Beatriz and Randin, Christophe and Reimann, Stefan and Rigling, Andreas and Schirmer, Mario and Tinner, Willy and Valley, Benoît and Walter, Fabian and Wicki, Fridolin and Wiemer, Stefan and Zajacz, Zoltán. (2021) Geosciences Roadmap for Research Infrastructures 2025 - 2028 by the Swiss Geosciences Community. Swiss academies communications, 16 (4). pp. 1-55.

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Lopez-Hilfiker, Felipe D. and Pospisilova, Veronika and Huang, Wei and Kalberer, Markus and Mohr, Claudia and Stefenelli, Giulia and Thornton, Joel A. and Baltensperger, Urs and Prevot, Andre S. H. and Slowik, Jay G.. (2019) An extractive electrospray ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometer (EESI-TOF) for online measurement of atmospheric aerosol particles. ATMOSPHERIC MEASUREMENT TECHNIQUES, 12 (9). pp. 4867-4886.

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Herrmann, Erik and Weingartner, Ernest and Henne, Stephan and Vuilleumier, Laurent and Bukowiecki, Nicolas and Steinbacher, Martin and Conen, Franz and Collaud Coen, Martine and Hammer, Emanuel and Jurányi, Zsofia and Baltensperger, Urs and Gysel, Martin. (2015) Analysis of long-term aerosol size distribution data from Jungfraujoch with emphasis on free tropospheric conditions, cloud influence, and air mass transport. Journal of Geophysical Research JGR / D - Atmospheres, 120 (18). pp. 9459-9480.

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