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Naumov, Goce and Przybyla, Marcin and Gibaja, Juan F. and Penezic, Kristina and Antolin, Ferran and Sabanov, Amalia and Fidanoska, Aneta. (2023) An Early Neolithic enclosure at the site of Vlaho, Pelagonia. Antiquity, 97 (392). PII S0003598X22001764.

Jesus, Ana and Bonhomme, Vincent and Evin, Allowen and Soteras, Raül and Jacomet, Stefanie and Bouby, Laurent and Antolin, Ferran. (2023) Morphometrics of waterlogged archaeological seeds give new insights into the domestication and spread of Papaver somniferum L. in Western Europe. PLoS ONE, 18 (5). e0286190.


Revelles, Jordi and Allue, Ethel and Alcolea, Marta and Antolin, Ferran and Berihuete-Azorin, Marian and Exposito, Isabel and Garay, Blanca and Mas, Barbara and Pique, Raquel and Obea, Laura and Val-Peon, Cristina and Burjachs, Francesc. (2022) Site formation processes, human activities and palaeoenvironmental reconstructions from archaeobotanical records in cave and rock-shelter sites in NE Iberia. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology, 299. ARTN 104612.

Häberle, Simone and Schafer, Marguerita and Soteras, Raul and Martinez-Grau, Hector and Hajdas, Irka and Jacomet, Stefanie and Röder, Brigitte and Schibler, Jörg and van Willigen, Samuel and Antolin, Ferran. (2022) Small Animals, Big Impact? Early Farmers and Pre- and Post-Harvest Pests from the Middle Neolithic Site of Les Bagnoles in the South-East of France (L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, Vaucluse, Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur). Animals, 12 (12). ARTN 1511.

Mazzucco, Niccolo and Sabanov, Amalia and Antolin, Ferran and Naumov, Goce and Fidanoski, Ljubo and Gibaja, Juan F.. (2022) The spread of agriculture in south-eastern Europe: new data from North Macedonia. Antiquity, 96 (385). pp. 15-33.


Jesus, Ana and Antolin, Ferran. (2021) Evidence of the presence and use of Neolithic oil plants in the NW of the Mediterranean and the Swiss Plateau. In: The Missing Woodland Resources: Archaeobotanical Studies Of The Use Of Plant Raw Materials. Groningen, pp. 23-39.

Morrison, Kathleen D. and Hammer, Emily and Boles, Oliver and Madella, Marco and Whitehouse, Nicola and Gaillard, Marie-Jose and Bates, Jennifer and Vander Linden, Marc and Merlo, Stefania and Yao, Alice and Popova, Laura and Hill, Austin Chad and Antolin, Ferran and Bauer, Andrew and Biagetti, Stefano and Bishop, Rosie R. and Buckland, Phillip and Cruz, Pablo and Dreslerová, Dagmar and Dusseldorp, Gerrit and Ellis, Erle and Filipovic, Dragana and Foster, Thomas and Hannaford, Matthew J. and Harrison, Sandy P. and Hazarika, Manjil and Herold, Hajnalka and Hilpert, Johanna and Kaplan, Jed O. and Kay, Andrea and Klein Goldewijk, Kees and Kolář, Jan and Kyazike, Elizabeth and Laabs, Julian and Lancelotti, Carla and Lane, Paul and Lawrence, Dan and Lewis, Krista and Lombardo, Umberto and Lucarini, Giulio and Arroyo-Kalin, Manuel and Marchant, Rob and Mayle, Francis and McClatchie, Meriel and McLeester, Madeleine and Mooney, Scott and Moskal-del Hoyo, Magdalena and Navarrete, Vanessa and Ndiema, Emmanuel and Góes Neves, Eduardo and Nowak, Marek and Out, Welmoed A. and Petrie, Cameron and Phelps, Leanne N. and Pinke, Zsolt and Rostain, Stéphen and Russell, Thembi and Sluyter, Andrew and Styring, Amy K. and Tamanaha, Eduardo and Thomas, Evert and Veerasamy, Selvakumar and Welton, Lynn and Zanon, Marco. (2021) Mapping past human land use using archaeological data: A new classification for global land use synthesis and data harmonization. PLoS ONE, 16 (4). e0246662.

Naumov, Goce and Mitkoski, Aleksandar and Talevski, Hristijan and Anvari, Jana and Przybila, Marcin and Stojanovski, Darko and Antolin, Ferran and Sabanov, Amalia and Živaljević, Ivana and Dimitrijević, Vesna and Gibaja, Juan F. and Mazzucco, Niccolò and Milevski, Gjore and Dumurđanov, Nikola and Pendić, Jugoslav and Blažeska, Zlata and Stefanović, Sofija . (2021) The Early Neolithic tell of Vrbjanska Čuka in Pelagonia. Praehistorische Zeitschrift, 96 (2). pp. 345-381.


Naumov, Goce and Hafner, Albert and Taneski, Bojan and Ballmer, Ariane and Reich, Johannes and Hostettler, Marco and Bolliger, Matthias and Francuz, John and Machkovski, Andrej and Bogaard, Amy and Antolin, Ferran and Charles, Mike and Tinner, Willy and Morales Del Molino, Cesar and Lotter, Andre. (2019) Истражување На Локалитетот Плоча-Миќов Град Кај Градиште (Охридско Езеро) Во 2019 Година. Patrimonium.mk, 12 (17). pp. 11-46.


Salavert, Aurélie and Martin, Lucie and Antolin, Ferran and Zazzo, Antoine. (2018) The opium poppy in Europe: exploring its origin and dispersal during the Neolithic. Antiquity, 92 (364, e1). pp. 1-5.


Antolin, Ferran and Brombacher, Christoph and Kühn, Marlu and Steiner, Bigna L. and Jacomet, Stefanie. (2017) Archäobotanik (Makroreste): Untersuchungen der Flächenproben im Hinblick auf Taphonomie, Ackerbau, Sammelwirtschaft und Umwelt. In: Zürich-Parkhaus Opéra. Eine neolithische Feuchtbodenfundstelle. Band 3: Naturwissenschaftliche Analysen und Synthese, 3. Dübendorf, pp. 50-92.

Bleicher, Niels and Antolin, Ferran and Heiri, Oliver and Hüster Plogmann, Heide and Jacomet, Stefanie and Pümpin, Christine and Rentzel, Philippe and Schäfer, Marguerita and Schibler, Jörg and Wiemann, Philipp. (2017) Taphonomie und Schichtgenese. In: Zürich-Parkhaus Opéra: eine neolithische Feuchtbodenfundstelle, Band 3: Naturwissenschaftliche Analysen und Synthese. Dübendorf, pp. 215-226.

Bleicher, Niels and Antolin, Ferran and Gobet, Erika and Jacomet, Stefanie and Tinner, Willy and Hüster Plogmann, Heide and Häberle, Simone. (2017) Umwelt-, Landschaft- und Besiedlungsgeschichte. In: Zürich-Parkhaus Opéra: eine neolithische Feuchtbodenfundstelle, Band 3: Naturwissenschaftliche Analysen und Synthese. Dübendorf, pp. 226-231.


Jacomet, Stefanie and Ebersbach, Renate and Akeret, Örni and Antolin, Ferran and Baum, Tilman and Bogaard, Amy and Brombacher, Christoph and Bleicher, Niels K. and Heitz-Weniger, Annekäthi and Hüster-Plogmann, Heide and Gross, Eda and Kühn, Marlu and Rentzel, Philippe and Steiner, Bigna L. and Wick, Lucia and Schibler, Jörg M.. (2016) On-site data cast doubts on the hypothesis of shifting cultivation in the Late Neolithic (c. 4300-2400 cal. BC): Landscape management as an alternative paradigm. Holocene, 26 (11). pp. 1858-1874.


Uzquiano, Paloma and Allue, Ethel and Antolin, Ferran and Burjachs, Francesc and Picornel, Llorenc and Pique, Raquel and Zapata, Lydia. (2015) All about yew : on the trail of Taxus baccata in southwest Europe by means of integrated palaeobotanical and archaeobotanical studies. Vegetation history and archaeobotany, Vol. 24, no. 1. pp. 229-247.

Steiner, Bigna L. and Antolin, Ferran and Jacomet, Stefanie. (2015) Testing of the consistency of the sieving (wash-over) process of waterlogged sediments by multiple operators. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 2. pp. 310-320.

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Antolin, Ferran and Jacomet, Stefanie. (2015) Wild fruit use among early farmers in the Neolithic (5400-2300 cal BC) in the north-east of the Iberian Peninsula : an intensive practice? Vegetation history and archaeobotany, Vol. 24, no. 1. pp. 19-33.


Antolin, Ferran and Buxo, Ramon and Jacomet, Stefanie and Navarrete, Vanessa and Sana, Maria. (2014) An integrated perspective on farming in the early Neolithic lakeshore site of La Draga (Banyoles, Spain). Environmental archaeology, Vol. 19, no. 3. pp. 241-255.

Revelles, Jordi and Antolin, Ferran and Berihuete, Marian and Burjachs, Francesc and Buxo, Ramon and Caruso, Laura and Lopez, Oriol and Palomo, Antoni and Pique, Raquel and Terradas, Xavier. (2014) Landscape transformation and economic practices among the first farming societies in Lake Banyoles (Girona, Spain). Environmental archaeology, Vol. 19, no. 3. pp. 298-310.

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