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Govarts, E. and Gilles, L. and Rodriguez Martin, L. and Santonen, T. and Apel, P. and Alvito, P. and Anastasi, E. and Andersen, H. R. and Andersson, A. M. and Andryskova, L. and Antignac, J. P. and Appenzeller, B. and Barbone, F. and Barnett-Itzhaki, Z. and Barouki, R. and Berman, T. and Bil, W. and Borges, T. and Buekers, J. and Cañas-Portilla, A. and Covaci, A. and Csako, Z. and Den Hond, E. and Dvorakova, D. and Fabelova, L. and Fletcher, T. and Frederiksen, H. and Gabriel, C. and Ganzleben, C. and Göen, T. and Halldorsson, T. I. and Haug, L. S. and Horvat, M. and Huuskonen, P. and Imboden, M. and Jagodic Hudobivnik, M. and Janasik, B. and Janev Holcer, N. and Karakitsios, S. and Katsonouri, A. and Klanova, J. and Kokaraki, V. and Kold Jensen, T. and Koponen, J. and Laeremans, M. and Laguzzi, F. and Lange, R. and Lemke, N. and Lignell, S. and Lindroos, A. K. and Lobo Vicente, J. and Luijten, M. and Makris, K. C. and Mazej, D. and Melymuk, L. and Meslin, M. and Mol, H. and Montazeri, P. and Murawski, A. and Namorado, S. and Niemann, L. and Nubler, S. and Nunes, B. and Olafsdottir, K. and Palkovicova Murinova, L. and Papaioannou, N. and Pedraza-Diaz, S. and Piler, P. and Plichta, V. and Poteser, M. and Probst-Hensch, N. and Rambaud, L. and Rauscher-Gabernig, E. and Rausova, K. and Remy, S. and Riou, M. and Rosolen, V. and Rousselle, C. and Ruther, M. and Sarigiannis, D. and Silva, M. J. and Snoj Tratnik, J. and Stajnko, A. and Szigeti, T. and Tarazona, J. V. and Thomsen, C. and Tkalec, Z. and Tolonen, H. and Trnovec, T. and Uhl, M. and Van Nieuwenhuyse, A. and Vasco, E. and Verheyen, V. J. and Viegas, S. and Vinggaard, A. M. and Vogel, N. and Vorkamp, K. and Wasowicz, W. and Weber, T. and Wimmerova, S. and Woutersen, M. and Zimmermann, P. and Zvonar, M. and Koch, H. and Kolossa-Gehring, M. and Esteban López, M. and Castaño, A. and Stewart, L. and Sepai, O. and Schoeters, G.. (2023) Harmonized human biomonitoring in European children, teenagers and adults: EU-wide exposure data of 11 chemical substance groups from the HBM4EU Aligned Studies (2014-2021). Int J Hyg Environ Health, 249. p. 114119.


Zare Jeddi, M. and Hopf, N. B. and Louro, H. and Viegas, S. and Galea, K. S. and Pasanen-Kase, R. and Santonen, T. and Mustieles, V. and Fernandez, M. F. and Verhagen, H. and Bopp, S. K. and Antignac, J. P. and David, A. and Mol, H. and Barouki, R. and Audouze, K. and Duca, R. C. and Fantke, P. and Scheepers, P. and Ghosh, M. and Van Nieuwenhuyse, A. and Lobo Vicente, J. and Trier, X. and Rambaud, L. and Fillol, C. and Denys, S. and Conrad, A. and Kolossa-Gehring, M. and Paini, A. and Arnot, J. and Schulze, F. and Jones, K. and Sepai, O. and Ali, I. and Brennan, L. and Benfenati, E. and Cubadda, F. and Mantovani, A. and Bartonova, A. and Connolly, A. and Slobodnik, J. and Bruinen de Bruin, Y. and van Klaveren, J. and Palmen, N. and Dirven, H. and Husøy, T. and Thomsen, C. and Virgolino, A. and Röösli, M. and Gant, T. and von Goetz, N. and Bessems, J.. (2022) Developing human biomonitoring as a 21st century toolbox within the European exposure science strategy 2020-2030. Environment international, 168. p. 107476.

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