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Thomson, Scott A. and Pyle, Richard L. and Ahyong, Shane T. and Alonso-Zarazaga, Miguel and Ammirati, Joe and Araya, Juan Francisco and Ascher, John S. and Audisio, Tracy Lynn and Azevedo-Santos, Valter M. and Bailly, Nicolas and Baker, William J. and Balke, Michael and Barclay, Maxwell V. L. and Barrett, Russell L. and Benine, Ricardo C. and Bickerstaff, James R. M. and Bouchard, Patrice and Bour, Roger and Bourgoin, Thierry and Boyko, Christopher B. and Breure, Abraham S. H. and Brothers, Denis J. and Byng, James W. and Campbell, David and Ceriaco, Luis M. P. and Cernak, Istvan and Cerretti, Pierfilippo and Chang, Chih-Han and Cho, Soowon and Copus, Joshua M. and Costello, Mark J. and Cseh, Andras and Csuzdi, Csaba and Culham, Alastair and D'Elia, Guillermo and d'Acoz, Cedric d'Udekem and Daneliya, Mikhail E. and Dekker, Rene and Dickinson, Edward C. and Dickinson, Timothy A. and van Dijk, Peter Paul and Dijkstra, Klaas-Douwe B. and Dima, Balint and Dmitriev, Dmitry A. and Duistermaat, Leni and Dumbacher, John P. and Eiserhardt, Wolf L. and Ekrem, Torbjorn and Evenhuis, Neal L. and Faille, Arnaud and Fernandez-Trianam, Jose L. and Fiesler, Emile and Fishbein, Mark and Fordham, Barry G. and Freitas, Andre V. L. and Friol, Natalia R. and Fritz, Uwe and Froslev, Tobias and Funk, Vicki A. and Gaimari, Stephen D. and Garbino, Guilherme S. T. and Garraffoni, Andre R. S. and Geml, Jozsef and Gill, Anthony C. and Gray, Alan and Grazziotin, Felipe G. and Greenslade, Penelope and Gutierrez, Eliecer E. and Harvey, Mark S. and Hazevoet, Cornelis J. and He, Kai and He, Xiaolan and Helfer, Stephan and Helgen, Kristofer M. and van Heteren, Anneke H. and Garcia, Francisco Hita and Holstein, Norbert and Horvath, Margit K. and Hovenkamp, Peter H. and Hwang, Wei Song and Hyvonen, Jaakko and Islam, Melissa B. and Iverson, John B. and Ivie, Michael A. and Jaafar, Zeehan and Jackson, Morgan D. and Jayat, J. Pablo and Johnson, Norman F. and Kaiser, Hinrich and Klitgard, Bente B. and Knapp, Daniel G. and Kojima, Jun-ichi and Koljalg, Urmas and Kontschan, Jeno and Krell, Frank-Thorsten and Krisai-Greilhuberm, Irmgard and Kullander, Sven and Latelle, Leonardo and Lattke, John E. and Lencioni, Valeria and Lewis, Gwilym P. and Lhano, Marcos G. and Lujan, Nathan K. and Luksenburg, Jolanda A. and Mariaux, Jean and Marinho-Filho, Jader and Marshall, Christopher J. and Mate, Jason F. and McDonough, Molly M. and Michel, Ellinor and Miranda, Vitor F. O. and Mitroiulm, Mircea-Dan and Molinari, Jesus and Monks, Scott and Moore, Abigail J. and Moratelli, Ricardo and Muranyi, David and Nakano, Takafumi and Nikolaeva, Svetlana and Noyes, John and Ohl, Michael and Oleas, Nora H. and Orrell, Thomas and Pall-Gergele, Barna and Pape, Thomas and Papp, Viktor and Parenti, Lynne R. and Patterson, David and Pavlinov, Igor Ya. and Pine, Ronald H. and Poczai, Peter and Prado, Jefferson and Prathapan, Divakaran and Rabeler, Richard K. and Randall, John E. and Rheindt, Frank E. and Rhodin, Anders G. J. and Rodriguez, Sara M. and Rogers, D. Christopher and Roque, Fabio de O. and Rowe, Kevin C. and Ruedas, Luis A. and Salazar-Bravo, Jorge and Salvador, Rodrigo B. and Sangster, George and Sarmiento, Carlos E. and Schigel, Dmitry S. and Schmidt, Stefan and Schueler, Frederick W. and Segers, Hendrik and Snow, Neil and Souza-Dias, Pedro G. B. and Stals, Riaan and Stenroos, Soili and Stone, R. Douglas and Sturm, Charles F. and Stys, Pavel and Teta, Pablo and Thomas, Daniel C. and Timm, Robert M. and Tindall, Brian J. and Todd, Jonathan A. and Triebel, Dagmar and Valdecasas, Antonio G. and Vizzini, Alfredo and Vorontsova, Maria S. and de Vos, Jurriaan M. and Wagner, Philipp and Watling, Les and Weakley, Alan and Welter-Schultes, Francisco and Whitmore, Daniel and Wilding, Nicholas and Will, Kipling and Williams, Jason and Wilson, Karen and Winston, Judith E. and Wuster, Wolfgang and Yanega, Douglas and Yeates, David K. and Zaher, Hussam and Zhang, Guanyang and Zhang, Zhi-Qiang and Zhou, Hong-Zhang. (2018) Taxonomy based on science is necessary for global conservation. PLOS BIOLOGY, 16 (3). p. 16.

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