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Bressi, M. and Cavalli, F. and Putaud, J. P. and Frohlich, R. and Petit, J. -E. and Aas, W. and Aijala, M. and Alastuey, A. and Allan, J. D. and Aurela, M. and Berico, M. and Bougiatioti, A. and Bukowiecki, Nicolas and Canonaco, F. and Crenn, V. and Dusanter, S. and Ehn, M. and Elsasser, M. and Flentje, H. and Graf, P. and Green, D. C. and Heikkinen, L. and Hermann, H. and Holzinger, R. and Hueglin, C. and Keernik, H. and Kiendler-Scharr, A. and Kubelova, L. and Lunder, C. and Maasikmets, M. and Makes, O. and Malaguti, A. and Mihalopoulos, N. and Nicolas, J. B. and O'Dowd, C. and Ovadnevaite, J. and Petralia, E. and Poulain, L. and Priestman, M. and Riffault, V. and Ripoll, A. and Schlag, P. and Schwarz, J. and Sciare, J. and Slowik, J. and Sosedova, Y. and Stavroulas, I. and Teinemaa, E. and Via, M. and Vodicka, P. and Williams, P. I. and Wiedensohler, A. and Young, D. E. and Zhang, S. and Favez, O. and Minguillon, M. C. and Prevot, A. S. H.. (2021) A European aerosol phenomenology - 7: High-time resolution chemical characteristics of submicron particulate matter across Europe. ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT-X, 10. ARTN 100108.


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Perez, L. and Tobias, A. and Querol, X. and Pey, J. and Alastuey, A. and Diaz, J. and Sunyer, J.. (2012) Saharan dust, particulate matter and cause-specific mortality: a case-crossover study in Barcelona (Spain). Environment international, 48. pp. 150-155.


Amato, F. and Viana, M. and Richard, A. and Furger, M. and Prévôt, A. S. H. and Nava, S. and Lucarelli, F. and Bukowiecki, N. and Alastuey, A. and Reche, C. and Moreno, T. and Pandolfi, M. and Pey, J. and Querol, X.. (2011) Size and time-resolved roadside enrichment of atmospheric particulate pollutants. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 11 (6). pp. 2917-2931.

Amato, F. and Pandolfi, M. and Moreno, T. and Furger, M. and Pey, J. and Alastuey, A. and Bukowiecki, N. and Prevot, A. S. H. and Baltensperger, U. and Querol, X.. (2011) Sources and variability of inhalable road dust particles in three European cities. Atmospheric Environment, 45 (37). pp. 6777-6787.


Moreno, T. and Querol, X. and Alastuey, A. and Amato, F. and Pey, J. and Pandolfi, M. and Künzli, N. and Bouso, L. and Rivera, M. and Gibbons, W.. (2010) Effect of fireworks events on urban background trace metal aerosol concentrations: is the cocktail worth the show? Journal of hazardous materials, Vol. 183, H. 1. pp. 945-949.


Perez, L. and Medina-Ramon M., and Künzli, N. and Alastuey, A. and Pey, J. and Perez, N. and Garcia, R. and Tobias, A. and Querol, X. and Sunyer, J.. (2009) Size fractionate particulate matter, vehicle traffic, and case-specific daily mortality in Barcelona, Spain. Environmental science & technology : ES & T : emphazising, water, air and waste chemistry, Vol. 43, H. 13. pp. 4707-4714.

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