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Schatz, H. and Becerril Reyes, A.-D. and Best, A. and Brown, E.-F. and Chatziioannou, K. and Chipps, K.-A. and Deibel, C.-M. and Ezzeddine, R. and Galloway, D.-K. and Hansen, C.-J. and Herwig, F. and Ji, A.-P. and Lugaro, M. and Meisel, Z. and Norman, D. and Read, J.-S. and Roberts, L.-F. and Spyrou, A. and Tews, I. and Timmes, F.-X. and Travaglio, C. and Vassh, N. and Abia, C. and Adsley, P. and Agarwal, S. and Aliotta, M. and Aoki, W. and Arcones, A. and Aryan, A. and Bandyopadhyay, A. and Banu, A. and Bardayan, D.-W. and Barnes, J. and Bauswein, A. and Beers, T.-C. and Bishop, J. and Boztepe, T. and Côté, B. and Caplan, M.-E. and Champagne, A.-E. and Clark, J.-A. and Couder, M. and Couture, A. and de Mink, S.-E. and Debnath, S. and deBoer, R.-J. and den Hartogh, J. and Denissenkov, P. and Dexheimer, V. and Dillmann, I. and Escher, J.-E. and Famiano, M.-A. and Farmer, R. and Fisher, R. and Fröhlich, C. and Frebel, A. and Fryer, C. and Fuller, G. and Ganguly, A.-K. and Ghosh, S. and Gibson, B.-K. and Gorda, T. and Gourgouliatos, K.-N. and Graber, V. and Gupta, M. and Haxton, W.-C. and Heger, A. and Hix, W.-R. and Ho, W.-C.-G. and Holmbeck, E.-M. and Hood, A.-A. and Huth, S. and Imbriani, G. and Izzard, R.-G. and Jain, R. and Jayatissa, H. and Johnston, Z. and Kajino, T. and Kankainen, A. and Kiss, G.-G. and Kwiatkowski, A. and La Cognata, M. and Laird, A.-M. and Lamia, L. and Landry, P. and Laplace, E. and Launey, K.-D. and Leahy, D. and Leckenby, G. and Lennarz, A. and Longfellow, B. and Lovell, A.-E. and Lynch, W.-G. and Lyons, S.-M. and Maeda, K. and Masha, E. and Matei, C. and Merc, J. and Messer, B. and Montes, F. and Mukherjee, A. and Mumpower, M.-R. and Neto, D. and Nevins, B. and Newton, W.-G. and Nguyen, L.-Q. and Nishikawa, K. and Nishimura, N. and Nunes, F.-M. and O'Connor, E. and O'Shea, B.-W. and Ong, W.-J. and Pain, S.-D. and Pajkos, M.-A. and Pignatari, M. and Pizzone, R.-G. and Placco, V.-M. and Plewa, T. and Pritychenko, B. and Psaltis, A. and Puentes, D. and Qian, Y.-Z. and Radice, D. and Rapagnani, D. and Rebeiro, B.-M. and Reifarth, R. and Richard, A.-L. and Rijal, N. and Roederer, I.-U. and Rojo, J.-S. and Saito, Y. and Schwenk, A. and Sergi, M.-L. and Sidhu, R.-S. and Simon, A. and Sivarani, T. and Skúladóttir, Á. and Smith, M.-S. and Spiridon, A. and Sprouse, T.-M. and Starrfield, S. and Steiner, A.-W. and Strieder, F. and Sultana, I. and Surman, R. and Szücs, T. and Tawfik, A. and Thielemann, F. and Trache, L. and Trappitsch, R. and Tsang, M.-B. and Tumino, A. and Upadhyayula, S. and Valle Martínez, J.-O. and Van der Swaelmen, M. and Viscasillas Vázquez, C. and Watts, A. and Wehmeyer, B. and Wiescher, M. and Wrede, C. and Yoon, J. and Zegers, R.-G.-T. and Zermane, M.-A. and Zingale, M.. (2022) Horizons: nuclear astrophysics in the 2020s and beyond. Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics, 49 (11). p. 110502.

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