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McDowell, Nate G. and Sapes, Gerard and Pivovaroff, Alexandria and Adams, Henry D. and Allen, Craig D. and Anderegg, William R. L. and Arend, Matthias and Breshears, David D. and Brodribb, Tim and Choat, Brendan and Cochard, Herve and De Caceres, Miquel and De Kauwe, Martin G. and Grossiord, Charlotte and Hammond, William M. and Hartmann, Henrik and Hoch, Günter and Kahmen, Ansgar and Klein, Tamir and Mackay, Scott D. and Mantova, Marylou and Martínez-Vilalta, Jordi and Medlyn, Belinda E. and Mencuccini, Maurizio and Nardini, Andrea and Oliveira, Rafael S. and Sala, Anna and Tissue, David T. and Torres-Ruiz, José M. and Trowbridge, Amy M. and Trugman, Anna T. and Wiley, Erin and Xu, Chonggang. (2022) Mechanisms of woody-plant mortality under rising drought, CO2 and vapour pressure deficit. Nature Reviews Earth & Environment, 3 (5). pp. 294-308.


Hartmann, Henrik and Adams, Henry D. and Hammond, William M. and Hoch, Günter and Landhausser, Simon M. and Wiley, Erin and Zaehle, Soenke. (2018) Identifying differences in carbohydrate dynamics of seedlings and mature trees to improve carbon allocation in models for trees and forests. Environmental and experimental botany, 152 (SI). pp. 7-18.

Landhäusser, Simon M. and Chow, Pak S. and Dickman, L. Turin and Furze, Morgan E. and Kuhlman, Iris and Schmid, Sandra and Wiesenbauer, Julia and Wild, Birgit and Gleixner, Gerd and Hartmann, Henrik and Hoch, Günter and McDowell, Nate G. and Richardson, Andrew D. and Richter, Andreas and Adams, Henry D.. (2018) Standardized protocols and procedures can precisely and accurately quantify non-structural carbohydrates. Tree physiology, 38 (12). 1764–1778.

November 2015

Quentin, Audrey G. and Pinkard, Elizabeth A. and Ryan, Michael G. and Tissue, David T. and Baggett, L. Scott and Adams, Henry D. and Maillard, Pascale and Marchand, Jacqueline and Landhäusser, Simon M. and Lacointe, André and Gibon, Yves and Anderegg, William R. L. and Asao, Shinichi and Atkin, Owen K. and Bonhomme, Marc and Claye, Caroline and Chow, Pak S. and Clément-Vidal, Anne and Davies, Noel W. and Dickman, L. Turin and Dumbur, Rita and Ellsworth, David S. and Falk, Kristen and Galiano, Luc`ia and Grünzweig, José M. and Hartmann, Henrik and Hoch, Günter and Hood, Sharon and Jones, Joanna E. and Koike, Takayoshi and Kuhlmann, Iris and Lloret, Francisco and Maestro, Melchor and Mansfield, Shawn D. and Mart`inez-Vilalta, Jordi and Maucourt, Mickael and McDowell, Nathan G. and Moing, Annick and Muller, Bertrand and Nebauer, Sergio G. and Niinemets, Ulo and Palacio, Sara and Piper, Frida and Raveh, Eran and Richter, Andreas and Rolland, Gaëlle and Rosas, Teresa and Saint Joanis, Brigitte and Sala, Anna and Smith, Renee A. and Sterck, Frank and Stinziano, Joseph R. and Tobias, Mari and Unda, Faride and Watanabe, Makoto and Way, Danielle A. and Weerasinghe, Lasantha K. and Wild, Birgit and Wiley, Erin and Woodruff, David R.. (2015) Non-structural carbohydrates in woody plants compared among laboratories. Tree physiology, 35 (11). pp. 1146-1165.

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