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Righetto, Ricardo D. and Anton, Leonie and Adaixo, Ricardo and Jakob, Roman P. and Zivanov, Jasenko and Mahi, Mohamed-Ali and Ringler, Philippe and Schwede, Torsten and Maier, Timm and Stahlberg, Henning. (2020) High-resolution cryo-EM structure of urease from the pathogen Yersinia enterocolitica. Nature Communications, 11 (1). p. 5101.


Tsai, Ching-Ju and Marino, Jacopo and Adaixo, Ricardo and Pamula, Filip and Muehle, Jonas and Maeda, Shoji and Flock, Tilman and Taylor, Nicholas Mi and Mohammed, Inayatulla and Matile, Hugues and Dawson, Roger Jp and Deupi, Xavier and Stahlberg, Henning and Schertler, Gebhard. (2019) Cryo-EM structure of the rhodopsin-Gαi-βγ complex reveals binding of the rhodopsin C-terminal tail to the Gβ subunit. eLife, 8. e46041.

Schneider, Johannes Paul and Nazarov, Sergey and Adaixo, Ricardo and Liuzzo, Martina and Ringel, Peter David and Stahlberg, Henning and Basler, Marek. (2019) Diverse roles of TssA-like proteins in the assembly of bacterial type VI secretion systems. The EMBO journal, 38. e100825.


Marchesi, Arin and Gao, Xiaolong and Adaixo, Ricardo and Rheinberger, Jan and Stahlberg, Henning and Nimigean, Crina and Scheuring, Simon. (2018) An iris diaphragm mechanism to gate a cyclic nucleotide-gated ion channel. Nature communications, 9 (1). p. 3978.


Arnold, Stefan A. and Albiez, Stefan and Bieri, Andrej and Syntychaki, Anastasia and Adaixo, Ricardo and McLeod, Robert A. and Goldie, Kenneth N. and Stahlberg, Henning and Braun, Thomas. (2017) Blotting-free and lossless cryo-electron microscopy grid preparation from nanoliter-sized protein samples and single-cell extracts. Journal of Structural Biology, 197 (3). pp. 220-226.


Brahimi-Horn, M. Christiane and Lacas-Gervais, Sandra and Adaixo, Ricardo and Ilc, Karine and Rouleau, Matthieu and Notte, Annick and Dieu, Marc and Michiels, Carine and Voeltzel, Thibault and Maguer-Satta, Véronique and Pelletier, Joffrey and Ilie, Marius and Hofman, Paul and Manoury, Bénédicte and Schmidt, Alexander and Hiller, Sebastian and Pouysségur, Jacques and Mazure, Natalie M.. (2015) Local mitochondrial-endolysosomal microfusion cleaves voltage-dependent anion channel 1 to promote survival in hypoxia. Molecular and cellular biology, Vol. 35, H. 9. pp. 1491-1505.


Keller, Claudia and Adaixo, Ricardo and Stunnenberg, Rieka and Woolcock, Katrina Jane and Hiller, Sebastian and Bühler, Marc. (2012) HP1(Swi6) mediates the recognition and destruction of heterochromatic RNA transcripts. Molecular cell, 47 (2). pp. 215-227.

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