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Antolín, Ferran and Schäfer, Marguerita. (2020) Insect pests of pulse crops and their management in Neolithic Europe. Environmental archaeology. pp. 1-14.

Hafner, Albert and Rey, Fabian and Hostettler, Marco and Laabs, Julian and Bolliger, Matthias and Brombacher, Christoph and Francuz, John and Gobet, Erika and Häberle, Simone and Rentzel, Philippe and Schäfer, Marguerita and Schibler, Jörg and Wey, Othmar and Tinner, Willy. (2020) Archaeological and palaeoecological investigations at Burgäschisee (Swiss Plateau): new interdisciplinary insights in Neolithic settlement, land use and vegetation dynamics. In: Settling Waterscapes in Europe. The Archaeology of Neolithic and Bronze Age Pile-Dwellings. Heidelberg, pp. 173-204.


Hüglin, Sophie and Alder, Cornelia and Brombacher, Christoph and Hüster-Plogmann, Heidemarie and Pümpin, Christine and Schäfer, Marguerita and Rentzel, Philippe and Vandorpe, Patricia. (2019) Latrine und Mörtelmischmaschine. Hochmittelalterliche Befunde und Funde der Grabung Martinsgasse 6+8, Basel. Jahrbuch Archäologie Schweiz, 102. pp. 77-122.


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Fraser, R. A. and Bogaard, A. and Schäfer, M. and Arbogast, R. and Heaton, T. H. E.. (2013) Integrating botanical, faunal and human stable carbon and nitrogen isotope values to reconstruct land use and palaeodiet at LBK Vaihingen an der Enz, Baden-Württemberg. World archaeology, Vol. 45, no. 3. pp. 492-517.

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Schäfer, Marguerita. (2010) Viehzucht- und Jagdstrategien der ersten Bauern in Südeutschland. In: Familie, Verwandtschaft, Sozialstrukturen : sozialarchäologische Forschungen zu neolithischen Befunden. Kerpen-Loogh, pp. 107-118.

Schäfer, Marguerita. Archäozoologische Untersuchung der Tierknochen aus der linearbandkeramischen Siedlung Vaihingen/Enz (Kreis Ludwigsburg D) und ihre Interpretation. 2010, Doctoral Thesis, University of Basel, Faculty of Science.