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Rajeswaran, Rajendran and Golyaev, Victor and Seguin, Jonathan and Zvereva, Anna S. and Farinelli, Laurent and Pooggin, Mikhail M.. (2014) Interactions of rice tungro bacilliform pararetrovirus and its protein P4 with plant RNA silencing machinery. Molecular plant-microbe interactions, Vol. 27, H. 12. pp. 1370-1378.

Rajeswaran, Rajendran and Seguin, Jonathan and Chabannes, Matthieu and Duroy, Pierre-Olivier and Laboureau, Nathalie and Farinelli, Laurent and Iskra-Caruana, Marie-Line and Pooggin, Mikhail M.. (2014) Evasion of Short Interfering RNA-Directed Antiviral Silencing in Musa acuminata Persistently Infected with Six Distinct Banana Streak Pararetroviruses. Journal of virology, Vol. 88, H. 19. pp. 11516-11528.


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Rajeswaran, R. and Pooggin, M. M.. (2012) RDR6-mediated synthesis of complementary RNA is terminated by miRNA stably bound to template RNA. Nucleic Acids Research, 40 (2). pp. 594-599.

Pooggin, M. M. and Rajeswaran, R. and Schepetilnikov, M. V. and Ryabova, L. A.. (2012) Short ORF-dependent ribosome shunting operates in an RNA picorna-like Virus and a DNA pararetrovirus that cause rice tungro disease. PLoS Pathogens, Vol. 8, H. 3 , e1002568.

Rajeswaran, R. and Aregger, M. and Zvereva, A. S. and Borah, B. K. and Gubaeva, E. G. and Pooggin, M. M.. (2012) Sequencing of RDR6-dependent double-stranded RNAs reveals novel features of plant siRNA biogenesis. Nucleic Acids Research, 40 (13). pp. 6241-6254.

Rajeswaran, Rajendran and Pooggin, Mikhail. (2012) Role of virus-derived small RNAs in plant antiviral defense : insights from DNA viruses. In: MicroRNAs in Plant development and Stress Response. Berlin, Heidelberg, pp. 261-289.