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Fladt, Joachim and Meier, Nicole and Thilemann, Sebastian and Polymeris, Alexandros and Traenka, Christopher and Seiffge, David J. and Sutter, Raoul and Peters, Nils and Gensicke, Henrik and Flückiger, Benjamin and de Hoogh, Kees and Künzli, Nino and Bringolf-Isler, Bettina and Bonati, Leo H. and Engelter, Stefan T. and Lyrer, Philippe A. and De Marchis, Gian Marco. (2019) Reasons for prehospital delay in acute ischemic stroke. Journal of the American Heart Association, 8 (20). e013101.


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Traenka, Christopher and Marchis, Gian Marco De and Hert, Lisa and Seiffge, David J. and Polymeris, Alexandros and Peters, Nils and Bonati, Leo H. and Engelter, Stefan and Lyrer, Philippe and Rüegg, Stephan and Sutter, Raoul. (2017) Acute Ischemic Stroke in Nonconvulsive Status Epilepticus-Underestimated? Results from an Eight-Year Cohort Study. Journal of stroke, 19 (2). pp. 236-238.

Seiffge, David J. and Traenka, Christopher and Polymeris, Alexandros A. and Thilemann, Sebastian and Wagner, Benjamin and Hert, Lisa and Müller, Mandy D. and Gensicke, Henrik and Peters, Nils and Nickel, Christian H. and Stippich, Christoph and Sutter, Raoul and Marsch, Stephan and Fisch, Urs and Guzman, Raphael and Marchis, Gian Marco De and Lyrer, Philippe A. and Bonati, Leo H. and Tsakiris, Dimitrios A. and Engelter, Stefan T.. (2017) Intravenous Thrombolysis in Patients with Stroke Taking Rivaroxaban Using Drug Specific Plasma Levels: Experience with a Standard Operation Procedure in Clinical Practice. Journal of Stroke, 19 (3). pp. 347-355.