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A. Marca Pereira, M. L. and Wheeler, J. R. and Thorpe, K. L. and Burkhardt-Holm, P.. (2011) Development of an ex vivo brown trout (Salmo trutta fario) gonad culture for assessing chemical effects on stereoidogenesis. Aquatic Toxicology, 101 (3-4). pp. 500-511.

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Abdel Aziz, Said. Identification of serine 867 as new phosphorylation site on the GABA(B) receptor : characterization of physiological effects. 2011, Doctoral Thesis, University of Basel, Faculty of Science.

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Ackumey, M. M. and Gyapong, M. and Pappoe, M. and Weiss, M. G.. (2011) Help-seeking for pre-ulcer and ulcer conditions of Mycobacterium ulcerans disease (Buruli Ulcer) in Ghana. American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene, Vol. 85, H. 6. pp. 1106-1113.

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